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Mission Statement:

To expand the knowledge of nutrition and save the world, little by little!

My Thoughts

As a graduating senior attending California State University of Fresno seeking a degree in Dietetics, I am also the treasurer for the Student Dietetics Association.  It is important to be involved in organizations that share in the same interest as I do.  Leaderships skills are essential for success, and being treasurer, I dedicate myself to those who may look up to me for guidance.

From Chemistry to Nutrition

As a high school student, Mai Thao had set her dreams of becoming a pharmacist.  By taking all of the appropriate classes in high school, such as Advance Placement English, Advance Placement History and Advance Placement Calculus, she was sure her future was bright. 

After taking some chemistry classes at California State University of Fresno, Miss Thao was bored with the idea of standing behind a counter all day counting pills. 

It wasn't until she enrolled in her first nutrition class that she discovered, this was the career she was always ment to take.

Now, Miss Thao is awaiting her graduation day, set in Fall of 2010 and excited about the career she just happened to stumble onto.

Hopes for the future

Miss Thao has always been an education advocate.  After her graduating date, she plans on pursuing her Masters Degree in Nutrition and attending Beauty School, which is her second love.

Victoria's Secret

Miss Thao started out as a part-time sales employee at the Riverpark location in Fresno, Ca.  With her love and knowledge of make-up, she quickly capitalized on the opportunities available at Victoria's Secret.  She is now the head Make-up Specialist and has high hopes of becoming a cosmetologist after she graduates from California State University of Fresno.


Miss Thao has been part of many various activities.  As a future Registered Dietitian, it is important to give back to the community.  This has been true to Mai's profile, such that, she has volunteered at the Bull Dog Pantry, which is a student run facility that gives out food for the low income, every saturday mornings.  She has also volunteered at the Fresno State, Fresh From our Farm, Farmers Market.  The Farm Market's goal is to provide nutrition information and healthy snacks to students attending college.  She is making aware the importance of nutrition with her efforts.

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Sales Associate and Make-up Specialist

Victoria's Secret


Aug 2006Present


California State University, Fresno



May 2007May 2011

Mai Thao

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