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As an graduate student who is completing an essay in Gunadarma University for bachelor degree majoring information engineering. I learned several languages including English, Korean, and Mandarin but this time I was more focused learning Korean language and English. I had studied the Korean language earlier in 2012 in a language community college but I stopped because I was busy and active re-learned in 2015. I'd like to share information about korea in social media such as food, culture, language, songs, plays, or movies and events korea in which I know. sometimes I was also posting information using the Korean language (I do this as an exercise to write sentences in Korean). Apart from that I also like to make an article on my blog about anything that i interest to write and share as I made a post about learning basic Korean language or music lyrics Korean (Hangul and romaji). I would love to work related to korea, such as social media or any other admin because that way I can be more active in both in learning the Korean language and to share even more information about korea to those who already know or do not know.



Pimary School




Junior High School




Senior High School




Informatic Engineering

Gunadarma University

Undergraduate: Information Engineering 2011-2015
Gunadarma University, Jakarta.
3.03 Current GPA


Mandarin Course Centre

Changnan Course Centre

Education Non Formal


  • Computer skill (Ms.word, Ms.Excel, Ms.Power Point)
  • Accessing Internet skill
  • Web developer skill
  • Can speak in Korean language
  • Can write in Korean alphabet
  • Can read Korean alphabet
  • Mandarin Passive
  • English Passive

* Character Skill

  • Work hard, learning hard, discipline, and responsible
  • Positive attitude
  • Good in time management
  • Honest and friendly
  • Working with team
  • communicative


Work experience


Staff Event

Changnan Mandarin Course Centre

Changnan Lunar Year Staff Event

  • Organize participants drawing competition for children.
  • Computer operator and make a presentation file for event.
  • Organize dance contestant participants and make sure their song will use for the dance.
  • Helping sound check staff to make sure the slide and song is good and matches.

Shop Asistant

Toko Obat Abdul Hafiz
  • serve customers
  • help with prescription drug dispensing medicine
  • check item availability or not availability

Promotion Staff Event

Changnan Mandarin Course Centre

Work in event Changnan Course Centre as promotion staff.

  • Staff Promotion in event.
  • Staff Promotion Online on Social Media as Facebook and Instagram
  • Give changnan changnan pamphlet.
  • Explain Chinese language learning program for kids or adult in the course Changnan.
  • write every visitor who comes, to sign up, and follow the trial test.