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EXPECTED to graduate in 2016

 college of English Language and Literature at IMSU

High School Graduate 

124 high school

intermediate school graduate 

177 intermediate school


delivering a speech 

i find it adventurous to speak before a crowd and to try to attract their attention to the issue or topic i am speaking about , i find it as an opportunity to break the barriers and to get rid of my fears , it is the best way to develop confidence .


I like to write long essays on different topics , i find it as a relief . I believe that writing is a weapon that should be used properly . I used to write poems on different occasions .


I am fond of arts and singing is my way to express my feelings and opinions , i sing my own songs , I sang in my school one of my poems as a graduation song with ,y classmates as chorus . I dedicated one of my songs to my sister on the occasion of her graduation party . I used to sing other poets' poems too.


PSYCHOLOGY:I'M interested in psychology , i like to observe people's behaviors especially strangers , i find it interesting to discover the motivations behind certain behaviors and temperaments , i like to be so focused when it comes to understanding body language and gestures in addition to eye contact . 

English Accents :I like to discover different accents of English by watching native speakers' videos, i find it a sort of having fun , and i always be amazed by the unbelievable number of accents and dialects as well as languages .