My Philosophy of Education

My Philosophy of Education is that all students want to learn and can learn. It is my job as an educator to research or design the best methods for reaching and teaching ALL students. If a student is not learning, I need to research and re-evaluate my pedagogy.

Each student is unique and follows a different path toward success. I strive to include many research supported methods, alternative methods and utilize my own creativity to help students find success. I teach my students growth-mindset; that un-successful attempts are part of the learning process. I also present evaluation as an integral part of learning and improvement; without feedback, the road to improvement is obscured. 

My classroom is a community with many constituents who have a stake in student learning. They are involved in all facets of classroom management, planning, learning, assessment and data analysis; their input is encouraged, valued, accepted and used to drive instruction.

There are many barriers that keep students from learning. I teach to show students how they can navigate those barriers and enter their personal path to life-long learning.


Jan 1987 - May 1992

Bachelor of Arts

University of South Florida

Bachelor's Degree- (Dual Program) Music Performance and Music Education.

Aug 1984 - Dec 1986

Associate of Arts

Hillsborough Community College

Liberal Arts degree.


May 2010 - Jun 2017

Business 6-12- Professional Educator's Certificate

State of Florida D.O.E.
Apr 2005 - Jun 2017

Computer Science K-12 - Professional Educator's Certificate

State of Florida D.O.E.
Jul 1997 - Jun 2017

Music K-12 - Professional Educator's Certificate

State of Florida D.O.E.
Aug 2001 - Jun 2017

Clinical Educator Certification

Pinellas County Schools
Nov 2003 - Nov 2013

National Board Certification

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2005 - Present

Independent Contractor

Melinda Brody & Company

Perform project based covert video customer service evaluations for clients throughout the United States.

  • Was selected as part-time corporate trainer and recruiter responsible for supervising new employees throughout their probationary period. Trained recruits on company procedures, project organization, project research and completing reports. In training, I model shops, assist with acquisition, usage and set up of  technology/equipment.  As an independent contractor I have set-up and maintained home and mobile offices.  
  • I also traveled in state and out-of state to complete assignments. Projects involve attention to detail, extensive travel, time management, organization and meeting time sensitive deadlines.
Aug 2014 - May 2015

Information, Communication and Technology Literacy Coach (I.C.T. Literacy Coach)

Pasco County Schools

Coach teachers on technology and literacy integration. Perform general maintenance on technology equipment. Provide teaching and learning resources for teachers. Plan and co-teach with teachers to improve teaching and learning. Research, design and deliver professional development to support teaching and learning of technology and literacy.

  • Developed a process and worked with small groups in Kindergarten who lacked foundational reading skills and brought them up to grade level in 4 weeks.
  • Created self-guided lessons that integrated art with "Close Reading" skills. This Project Based Learning was connected to a parent night "Reading under the Stars" and promoted book fair sales for our school fundraiser.
  • Created a process for student owned reading practice. It also supported parental communication by showing how to practice Power Goals at home.
  • Designed activities with the Math I.T.C. Coach for professional development sessions and parent night.
  • Increased the iPad 1:1 classrooms by utilizing unused iPod Touches for K classes. Supported iPad and iPod Model classrooms by providing training, resources and classroom modeling.
Dec 2010 - Jul 2014

Technology Resource Teacher

Booker T. Washington Elementary

Teach Integrated and remedial classes using technology at a (Title I) Renaissance School for students in grades K-5. I also teach curriculum infused creative technology classes through the EdVenture after school program. This program is part of an extended school day model for at-risk low performing schools.

  • Provide technology support, training and curriculum integration for teachers and staff. Created a special kindergarten technology curriculum to meet the new common core writing and publishing standards. 
  • Conducted summer training for FSTE (Florida Society of Technology in Education) for teachers in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties focused on differentiated learning and writing resources.
  • Member of the Elementary Technology PLC.  Assisted in creating a curriculum outline for implementation of the Technology CCSS.  
  • Train parents on the use of technology by submitting instructional articles in our school's newsletter, sending home trilingual tutorial sheets to assist in accessing technology at home, and by providing bilingual technology trainings for parents through our school's parent involvement group "Open." 
  • Mentored teachers through the National Board Certification process in the areas of Early Childhood Generalist and Middle Childhood Generalist. Also assisted National Board Candidates with technology issues and ideas for technology Integration.

Aug 2007 - Jun 2008

Exceptional Student Educator

Trinity School for Children Charter School

Implemented teaching/learning strategies to meet a variety of student disabilities; taught E.S.E. students within an inclusive general education environment utilizing a co-teaching/co-planning model.  Created additional specialized lessons for individual students and small group instruction.

  • My documentation (Individual Educational Plans, progress reports and student narratives) were selected as team examples because of my clear goal & objective writing, In-depth student observations and narratives, and parent friendly communication. 
  • Conducted a variety of technology trainings for ESE Team and integrated technology into the general curriculum.
  • All students in my caseload were successful achieving I.E.P annual goals/objectives, passed F.C.A.T. and were promoted to the next grade level.
  • Assisted with the supervision of interns and first year teachers. Mentored a teacher candidate (Dr. Rewa Chisholm) in the successful completion of the National Board Certification for Language Arts: Literacy.
  • My position was eliminated due to attrition in the 2008-2009 school year due to educational budget cuts.
Jan 2008 - May 2008

Project Teacher

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA)

Co-developed the curriculum for FMoPA's Pilot Outreach Project, "Literacy through Photography"; taught curriculum to at-risk youth grades K-12. 

  • Successfully piloted this grant funded project at the Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America. (100% of at-risk students completed the program and 83% of students and families attended the museum's exhibit night.)
  • Developed an additional (S.T.E.M) technology component for the project.
  • Developed the photography instruction and evaluation tools for Grades K-12.
  • Two of my photography students were selected as regional winners of the "2010 Image Makers" National Photography Contest and one of those students advanced to become a 1st Place National Winner in the Color Process category.
Jul 1997 - Jul 2005

Music Specialist

Hillsborough & Pinellas County Schools

Taught general music, chorus and instrumental ensembles to students in an inclusive environment at low socioeconomic (Title I) Schools.

  • Students were selected to sing and/or play instruments in All County Honors Chorus and All State Honors Chorus.  Schools previously did not have any participants in these honors ensembles.
  • Selected as a district leader for various projects and committees including, curriculum writing projects and mentoring projects.  Provided Teaching and Technology Training throughout the district as a member of C.T.I.P. (Curriculum and Technology Integration Project.) Mentored teachers through National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and Mentored new teachers as a founding member of the New Teacher Mentoring Cadre.
  • Leadership roles as School Representative to the Superintendent, School's Technology Committee, Florida Orchestra Education Committee, Membership Coordinator for the Pinellas County Music Teachers Association and Textbook Adoption Committee.

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