Maid Brigade is serious about green cleaning. Its Green Clean Certified system was developed by the cleaning experts at Maid Brigade because formerly there was no existing third-party green cleaning standard. As more information comes to light about the effects household products can have on our health, mounting evidence suggests that harsh chemicals found in some household cleaning products, such as carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, or environmental irritants, are linked to mild and serious health problems from headaches to cancer.The Green Clean system reduces the dangers associated with traditional cleaning chemicals while purifying the existing environment. They are the only house-cleaning service that uses all Green Seal-approved cleaning products for a safe and thorough cleaning. The Pro-Team 4-stage filtration system vacuum is approved by the American Lung Association to remove 99.9% of all air particulates one micron and larger. Instead of wasting paper products, Maid Brigade employs washable microfiber cloths that last longer than regular washcloths and reduce landfill waste.Maid Brigade’s Consumer Health Advocate, Marie Stegner, is a registered nurse and mother of three who gives green cleaning the utmost consideration. Since many people are confused about what “green” really means, she focuses on the different issues affecting green living in her weekly column published online. Representing Maid Brigade, her website is packed full of useful facts and figures about how to practice green living at home, the health issues that are impacted by green cleaning, green news, green TV, and useful links for those interested in learning more.

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