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Senior Mechanical engineer, designer with extensive experience in design & development of products, processes, & equipment. Started with automation project management, then focused on Design For Manufacturing & Lean Manufacturing, this includes Supplier Quality Assurance Engineering. Expertise in using cross functional training for making quick decisions in identifying, and applying technology, as well as solving problems with existing products, and processes. Experienced in designing structured operations, customized for each operation, to assure proper utilization of the technology, equipment, manpower, standards, regulations, in order to develop a reliable design (Design for X), this includes FMEA, Risk Management, Validation, FDA & other Regulations.


Project Manager
Cross functional; Product Lifecycle Management; Team building for effective team work; Analytical & logical; Excellent communication skills: Reports, charts, Procedures; 26 Years Experience & proven success in project management;
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
Define SIPOC Relation; Lean Manufacturing; Process & Technology Benchmarking; Capital Equipment / Instrumentation Justification;  Development of Standard Operating Procedures; Government/Vendor Relations; Hands on troubleshooting;
Mechanical Engineer
Development of Specifications & Tolerances; Critical to Quality Identification; Benchmarking; Design For Manufacturing; Product/Process Mapping;


Sep 1979Dec 1983


University of the Ditrict of Columbia


Work experience

Feb 1984Present

Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager

Mechanical Engineer, Consultant

LEAN MANUFACTURING, JIT, KANBAN; CELLULAR MANUFACTURING:Redesigned the processes used to manufacture the fire walls used on Boeing 737-X using lean manufacturing, and other world class manufacturing principles. The changes increased production rate by 30% and eliminated materials scheduling and delivery issues, also increased customer loyalty. The process and layout design changes included, but were not limited to: Optimizing operations management & materials management systems; This included changing floor layout & materials flow, and materials storage (Just-In-Time and KANBAN).Designed die cutting patterns for ceramics, worked with suppliers to improve quality consistency and reduce cost of materials.Applying Poke-yoke to optimize assembly fixtures and assembly machines. Optimizing welding machine set ups in order to prevent quality issues.Developing preventing maintenance schedules, that not only were practical, but also in compliance with ISO.Providing technical support & reports to Boeing (Customer) design group in order to select proper cost reduction projects that delivered reliable products. At Star Expansion, changed operations, minimizing change over wastes, materials handling wastes, & increased production rate by 96%, enabling company to take more orders. Changes included:Mapped BOM & process flow systematically for products, developed design structure based materials flow for fabrication and assembly operations. Designed cellular manufacturing based on systemized process flow and products designs. Designed materials inventory (incoming, in-process work, and finished goods) based on JIT & KANBAN. Developed standard operating procedures for each work station within each cell, incorporating, time standards & manpower scheduling.


Managed design documentation, development of operational procedures, specification of tooling requirements &  customer relations for approval of first articles for an average of 5 new products a week at Volex. Assured compliance with ISO and increased productivity by 30%.At Volex, resolved quality & productivity issues that they had learned to live with since they had started manufacturing fiber optic cables (6 years before hiring me), and eliminated 30% in-house rework & 40% customer return/rejects.Reporting to, and with support from operations manager, built & directed a project team that solved problems that were preventing the company from releasing a new product family for full production. Developed presentation packages, wrote technical paper, and clearly defined the relation between process and product quality and identified requirements to produce the parts consistently. As a result, Avery was able to eliminate 50% reject/scrap & release the products to market.


Evaluated parts, tooling, processes and procedures, and redesigned tooling. As a result TIGHitco eliminated inconsistencies and returns (fluctuating 10% to 30%) from customer (Ford Motor).In Collaboration with design engineers, and suppliers, studied products’ features, and standardized them. As a result Frigidaire simplified manufacturing operations such as materials handling, welding and assembly operations and justified automation for cost reduction projects with ROI ranges of 2 to 3 years.In collaboration with product engineers and tool designers solved assembly fit issues and eliminated hammers as assembly aids. As a result we increased the efficiency from 75% to 90%.Designed enclosures for image analysis instruments used in biomedical industry, based on cGMP/FDA regulations, and using AutoCAD 3D modeling at BioGENEX.Designed cell phone and computer casing using Alias 3D modeling as an Industrial Designer.Designed assembly hand tools, assembly fixtures, assembly line fixtures, mobile & stationary storage racks for Frigidaire, CNH, Ford, and TIGHitco. COST JUSTIFICATION, CAPITAL INVESTMENT (HARD AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS):Justified purchasing $2.2 MM paint line by performing economic evaluations and calculating cost of running the old system compared to buying new system, calculated payback and return on investment.Managed $5.5 Million project in press room, it involved purchasing presses & coil feeders.Used a Matsushita mini industrial robot to study, experience and build prototypes for a variety of materials handling & assembly automation projects at Frigidaire. Managed project to purchase a robotic cell (Robot, end of arm tooling, all necessary sensors and Allen Bradley controller), an overhead conveyor, and interlocked the operation between robot, its tooling, molding machine, and overhead conveyor using Allen Bradley Controller. Studied molds to develop an innovative design for an end of arm tooling that could handle multiple parts without any change over when changing molds. Managed debugging of the logic for the entire system. Also wrote technical manuals and trained production and maintenance to operate and maintain the system.Managed design and development project to design customized automated line that took tubing from roll, straighten, cut, wash, flow test, color code and then apply wire wraps. Studied over 100 different models and identified the adjustment requirement for automated line, used fixed automation not robotics and found three different machine designers to develop the detailed design of the machine. Prepared economic evaluation and justified the equipment. Maintained five year plan on automation projects; Performed economic evaluations comparing annual costs for present manual method and proposed method, calculated savings; Last project was $40MM budget estimate for the capital investment to automate material handling through out the plant.