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I have been developing on Java, Android using technologies like REST, SQLite, Json, XML, Android Annotation,  OOP for over 2 years. My core competency lies in developing mobile applications and making them user friendly . I’m also experienced in creating project architecture . Having mentoring experience, I am able to work in a team or individually to make your application the best. After all, it’s about exceeding your expectations, not just meeting them.

I love solving hard problems, learning new domains, and creating big systems that are manageable and amenable to change. In order to help my whole team succeed, I find and remove obstacles, answer a lot of smart questions, and try to ask even more dumb questions.



B. Sc. Engg. in CSE

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Session: 2011 - 12 , CGPA : 3.60  out of 4.00 (at last six semester)

Currently running 4th year 2nd Semester.


  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs
  •  Concept on XML Parsing , JSON Parsing.
  • Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
  • Experience with Android SDK
  • Social media experience (Facebook SDK, Twitter integration etc)
  • Experience with Google Map V2 , GPS tracking , GEO Location,  GEO coding , reverse GEO coding
  • Experience with SQLite Database
  • Strong knowledge in  OOP
  • Experience with Multithreading Programming.
Web Development
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and PHP.
  • Concept on BootStrap, CodeIgniter and Wordpress
Other Language
  • C , C++, Matlab , Assembly Language.

Work experience

May 2016Apr 2016

Online Java Quiz

Client Project

This is a Simple Online Exam type project and it is for Java Programmer.

Java Programmer can take  this quiz and improve their skill.

This Java Quiz has several Multiple Choice type Question .

The participant get 40 question for a exam.

Feb 2016Jan 2016

Online Contact

Client  Project 

Online Contact is used to backup contact number from phone to cloud.

In this project PHP is used as Server Side language.

Restful Api and JSON are used to import or export contact number.

Any one can restore all of contact number from Cloud and also delete from Cloud. 

Jul 2015Dec 2015

Platform Game

University Project

Android Gaming Project .

This is my First Complete android Game.

The Concept of this game is a man want to go to his destination but he get many Obstacle and he try to overcome this obstacle.

May 2015Jun 2015

Snake Game

University Project

First android Game.

This is a Simple Snake Game ,But I am very pleasure to Complete this game in android.

Apr 2015May 2015

Everyday Amol

University Project

Everyday Amol is an android app that any Muslim can easily Pray to Allah.

Muslim can Easily learn how to pray from this app.

Oct 2014Mar 2015

Bar code Scanner

University Project

Can Automatically Scan Bar code and Display Result.

This is an Android Project.

Apr 2014May 2014

Location Finder

University Project

Android Project That  Can Find out user Location

Can access Location Using Latitude and Longitude

Can access Latitude and Longitude using Location address

Jan 2014Apr 2014

Prayer Time Alarm

University Project

This is my First Android Project.

The purpose of this project is to Ring Alarm at 5 payer Time and Automatically

Change Alarm Time with the Change of Prayer Time.

This App is Helpful to Muslim People.

Sep 2013Jan 2014

Helicopter battle

University Project

This is another Gaming Project Developed by Java.

In this game we kill another Helicopter from my Helicopter .

When the enemy helicopter collide with my helicopter then both are destroy and the Game will be Finished.

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Shoot The Duck

University Project

This Project is a Gaming Project .

it was developed by Java Language.

In my Gaming Project many Ducks are Swimming in a River and Our Target how many Ducks are  shoot in a Time.

Oct 2012May 2013

Ludu Game Project

University Projcet

This is my First University Project.

This Game is developed using C++ Language.

The Feature of this Game is, It can Play among Four,Three and Two Player.

There are Two Kinds of Ludu game: Snake Ludu and Plain Ludu,

My Ludu game is Plain Ludu.


LUDU GAME . My First Project in University Life


Tappy Defender Android Gaming Project


Helicopter Battle Java Game


Location Finder Android Project


Shoot the Duck Java gaming Project

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  • Team Work
  • Creating new technology
  • Reading Books