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Apr 2014Apr 2015

Indian School Certification

Pearls Of God

This it the degree equivalent to that of 12th. I had secured 57.4% which is calculated as per the CISCE board norms. 

Apr 2012Apr 2013

Council Of Indian School Certificate Examination 

Pearls Of God

This is the first degree of my educational career. It is equivalent to that of Matriculation.  I had secured 66% which is calculated as per the CISCE board norms.


Nov 2005Nov 2005

Acquired grade -  Addo

Awarded by - Rabindra Bharati

I was awarded the Certificate level - Addo in singing. This prestigious award was bestowed upon me by Rabindra Bharati.  


1. I am deadline oriented. I work towards fulfilling all my tasks within a stipulated deadline.

2. I am good at public speaking. I have awards at extempore at my school level.

3. I am good at crafts. I have numerous Glass paintings in my collection.

4. I am also good at cookery. I have prepared numerous global cuisine. 

Personal Detail


I pursue my interest in the zoner of Cooking. I love to indulge myself in trying out new cuisines and preparing delicacies which are popular around the globe. 


I am seeking employment for a company where I can help grow and expand my knowledge beyond text books. With constant hard work, I shall aim to take my Employer to new heights of success.  


Ritwik Banerjee 

Business Technology Analyst

Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd

Mob: 8792509754