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Hi, I’m Shibly a tech guy and passionate about programming and software. It’s been a long time I’m building software on LAMP stack. I’ve 7+ years of experiences in PHP. I build scalable and secure application as my day to day work. Besides web applications, I’m quite interested in desktop and mobile platform. I am well familiar with *nix systems and using Linux and Mac OS X as my development environments for around 4 years. I strongly follow coding standards and always try to adopt community best practices to produce high quality code. I’m a keen learner and always try to participate community discussions where I can learn new things and share my knowledge. I am a team player and have faith in positive group dynamics.

I am a Linux fan, Mac user, Open Source enthusiast, fast learner, early adopter, team guy, and explorer, deeply driven and self-motivated software craftsman. At my leisure I contribute to different community efforts and open source projects. I share my codes on Github:



I have been developing PHP applications for over 7 years now. I have worked with Laravel, Symfony2, CodeIgniter and few other web frameworks over the time. I have worked on several projects based on Magento and Drupal. I write rock S.O.L.I.D code with (almost) 100% test coverages. I build web applications that scale with reliability. I follow the PSRs and other best practices set by the community.  


I am a die hard WordPress theme developer and an organizer. I am very good with front end, and it's my hobby to design themes, pet projects on HTML5, CSS3. Last but not the least, I love developing WordPress themes and I am very good at this.

Javascript (Front End)

I started off with jQuery and it was awesome. Then AngularJS came into my life like a super hero and I built a good number of products using Angular on the front end. These days, I am doing ReactJS more. Lodash is my favorite utility belt.  Besides the frameworks and the cool toys, I have a decent expertise in the Javascript core. While I am not using it in production yet, I am writing a lot of ES6 codes for exploring new features and for fun. 

Front End Design

Now this is something I don't have much skills in, yet. I can build nice looking front end using Twitter bootstrap or my own styles. However, I am not a pro front end designer. I don't know Photoshop. I don't do SASS/LESS etc. But I am learning. I am trying to improve my front end skills, tastes and tooling. Someday, I shall build some visually stunning websites, I swear!  

Version Control / Git / SVN

I started with Subversion (SVN) but I have worked with Git most of my life. I am quite familiar with modern day Git usages. I am also used to using Git flow for development. 

Linux System Admin

I have been setting up and managing Linux servers for quite some time. I have been mostly configuring LAMP stack or nginx with PHP/Nodejs. I have also worked with Varnish and HAProxy. I am quite familiar with AWS/Rackspace/Azure services. I have prior experience with deploying client sites on all of them. Ubuntu and Debian are on top of my choice list. However, I am comfortable with CentOS or other fedora core based systems as well. 

Misc Skill

API Integration: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, eBay, Google Auth, Google Calendar, Google Contact

PaaS: Heroku, AppFog, OpenShift and Rackspace


EXCELLENT Web Developer! Shibly really went above and beyond to make sure our needs were satisfied. He did research with new topics that he wasn't familiar with and implemented complex features on my website perfectly! I highly recommend and we are already discussing our next project together!

                                                                                                                                                    Ronnie Rocha

I've worked with Shibly in a big project for the past 10 months and I couldn't be happier with my hiring. This man is a great programmer and an excellent communicator. He is very intelligent and has a pragmatic approach to problem solving. When things get rough, he'll make sure that you understand all the options before making the call. He is ALWAYS available. I'm already working with Shibly on other projects. I would definetly recommend him for anyone looking for an experienced web developer with great communication skills.

                                                                                                                                            Andrew Robert

Work History

Oct 2013Present

Sr. Software Engineer


I worked with PHP mostly. Laravel is the framework we used most. I also did a decent amount of work on the front end. Gathered a lot of AngularJS and jQuery experience recently. Beside building web applications, I also worked on Google Apps automation, Firefox and Chrome's browser extensions and some in house R&D on youtube videos. I managed several products from the company.  I heavily use WordPress too.


WordPress Developer

Rocket Tire LLC

I worked there on several products. But my main focus was the attorney app server where I used WordPress as a web application framework which serves various law information to registered iOS and android apps.

Aug 2009Apr 2011

Software Engineer

ExLing LLC

My main concern was to extend features of a multilingual social network site based on top of Symfony framework. Besides, I frequently worked with various WordPress based projects.




Rajshahi University

Completed my Applied Physics graduation from Department Of  Science faculty of Rajshahi University



New Govt Degree Collage

Completed my higher secondary school certificate exam from Rajshahi Board. I was a Science major.