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Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Sep 2012Present

Teaching Assistant

Computer Engineering Department at Cairo University

  • Teaching Computer Architecture course for third year credit hours system students (2012)
  • Teaching Data Structure and Algorithms course for first year credit hours system students (2012)


Sep 2007Jul 2012

Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering
Graduation project

Bel-Arabi framework to deal with Arabic texts a base for Arab researchers and developers for use in many applications such as machine translation, text to speech, search engines, text mining and other applications.

The framework contains mainly the following parts:

  • Morphological analyzer
  • Stemmer
  • Part of speech tagger
  • Base phrase chunking
  • Syntactic parsing
  • Diacritization
  • Named Entity Recognitio
  • Dependency Structure of phrases
  • Michael N. Nawar, Mahmoud N. Mahmoud, Magda B. Fayek ESOLEC' 2012 Improved Tokenization and POS Tagging for Arabic Text
Programming contest


Programming Skills Languages Microsoft C# .NET, C++ , Assembly 8086, SQL ,Java , Linux shell ,VHDL,MATLAP, Perl, Python ,QML Web based Development Microsoft ASP .NET, Web Services using the Microsoft .NET platform, Java Script, Java applets, PHP Graphics programming DirectX 9, XNA Databases Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL Tools Microsoft Visual Studio, Intel parallel studio, Nunit, TestStudio , Modelsim ,NetBeans ,MATLAP ,      QT Creator   Personal Skills - Ability to work in a group or individually according to the job requirement - Ability to work under pressure - Good Communication skills, good presentation skills, good Project Management, Problem Solving ability, decision making ability,      Co-operative with a team work    


My objective is to work in a competitive environment that effectively utilizes my analytical, interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills to conceive and achieve solutions. The solutions which help the organization in not only meeting its targets, but also allowing it to grow, thereby, enhancing my own skills as an individual and as a key player in the organization's development.


2nd position in Egyptian Engineering day competition 2012


Intel Excellent software optimization skills 2012