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Work experience

Feb 2010Aug 2014

Project Manager

United Soft Metro Vancouver

Speakers Best SB is a web application developed using the latest technologies Dotnet Net Microsoft.

Speakers Best SB handles requests for speakers, tours and projects corporate campaign linked to the United Soft volunteering. It aims to save time and provide a world class service to all parties and to report all events and evaluate United sweet. SB offers a variety of reports and statistics speaker projects, engagements / tours / volunteers, evaluation of speakers / visits summaries. Activity logs can be viewed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet for editing and analysis. SB also has the ability to share data with other applications to perform direct mail and other management databases.

  • Architected, designed and developed the system with 3 levels. 
  • Developing the front end using ASP.Net 
  • Develop middleware serviced components using C # 
  • Designed and developed the database and wrote stored procedures for SQL Server 2000 
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports.Net 
  • Also currently working as the webmaster for the Association for Information Management on site financial services


  • Installation and configuration of existing website 
  • Interact with Network Solutions for changes and domain Versign for Secure Server ID. 
  • extent with the Executive Director AMIFS interaction for requirements gathering and analysis 
  • Bug fixes to improve the website and existing website using active server pages ASP 
  • Administration requests DBA database and writing SQL and stored procedures for SQL Server 7.0, daily backups, backups test etc 
  • Provide telephone support for customer issues
May 2005Jun 2009

Project Lead

United Soft, Inc.

The Distributed Document Repository is being developed using the latest Microsoft DOTNET .Net technologies. Most companies with many locations/departments do not have a central place where an employee can go to search for training guides, manuals, standard operating procedures etc.

With this system, each department/location of a company is responsible for maintaining its own set of documents Word documents, pdf files, html pages etc. The documents are uploaded to the web-server within that department. These documents are then indexed using Microsoft Index Server.

An employee always logs on to one Central Web Server. When an employee does a document search, the Central Web Server queries Web Services running on the web-servers at different departments/locations using SOAP and returns a list of documents that match the users requirements. The collective knowledge of the company thus becomes available at one central place. A new or updated document is available company-wide as soon as it is published.


  • Architected, designed and developed the system in 3 tiers.
  • Developed the Object Model using Visio
  • Developed the front end using ASP.Net
  • Developed Serviced middleware components using VB.Net and C#
  • Designed and developed the database and wrote stored procedures for SQL Server 2000
  • Developed the webservice using VB.Net
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports.Net
  • Mentored a junior developer on .Net technologies


Operating Systems
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98/95, MS-DOS, Unix, Linux
Crystal Reports.Net / 8.5/8.0
Design Tools/Skills:
Visio, UML, Rational Rose. Erwin
SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5, Transact-SQL, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, MS Access
Web Skills
ASP, Java, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, XML/XSLT, VBScript, IIS, Cascading Stylesheets CSS , Microsoft.NET ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Visual Studio.Net
Software Tools/Skills
Visual Basic, VBA, ADSI, MSMQ, DNA, ADO, ODBC, JDBC, N-Tiered Client/Server Design, C, Visual SourceSafe, WIN32 API, Microsoft Index Server, Site Server, Visual InterDev, SOAP Microcontroller Assembly language, Microsoft Office Access, Excel, Powerpoint . Microsoft Exchange


Sep 1995Sep 1999

Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Waterloo


Apr 2000Apr 2015

Sun Certified Java Programmer

Mar 2000Mar 2015

Brainbench certified in Visual Basic 6.0

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