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Mahmoud Abou El Naga



Proven and demonstrable track record of +10 years of sales success, and a proven ability to plan, development and executive sales strategy. +10 years experience derived from my highly motivation, +10 years experience provided me the achievement-oriented concept, +3 years work in AMS Baeshen & CO only success we knew, year by year development, improvement, experience, management, strong proficiency, customers loyalty, needs and want satisfaction, competitive advantage, corporate objectives achievement with a limited allocations and resources, team synergy, innovativeness,  profitability, contribution to customers, contribution to the team, new products, new markets, long term relationship with customers, issues solutions, vertical integration, market share (9 points gained in 2015 VS 2014 in Express TB), growth (113% 2015 VS 2014), and so on, all of which were provided via our focus on our fundamentals (coverage, productivity, distribution, visibility, and sales)

Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Sales Supervisor

  • Develop and present Sales plans and budget that deliver company agreed SMART objectives
  • Manage 7 salesmen leading them to achieve corporate, business, channel, and region strategies and plans.
  • Create customer focus throughout our business
  • Target customers precisely
  • Our customer value is our guiding star
  • Make our products readily available 
  • Increase Market share
  • Market segmentation if needed to improve performance
  • Sustainable Competitive advantage
  • Positioning our products to differentiate it from competitors
  • Increase our customers perception about our Brand Equity
  • Analyzing, Planning, Implementing, Coordinating, controlling, and following up based on 4 Cs as a basis of our orientation
  • Decision Making (What to do? When to do? and How to do?)
  •  Identifying external threats to avoid and opportunities to pursue 
  • Measure and manage customer expectation
  • Hierarchy of priorities (to avoid any trade-offs, objectives and sub-objectives)
  • Achieve distribution, volume targets, and Per SKUs
  • Business development
  • Build a long term relationship with customers
  • Reporting and administration
  • Building and upgrading with Passion the business of whole regions from scratch
Nov 2010Aug 2012

Sales Supervisor

Egypt Foods Groop
  • Develop and present Sales plans and budget that deliver company agreed SMART objectives
  • Achieve distribution, volume targets, and Per SKUs
  • Business development agreements negotiation and implementation
  • On Job Training
  • Reporting and administration regions from scratch

● Building and upgrading with Passion the business of whole

Jun 2005Oct 2010

WS salesman

Speed Ahmed Hassan the distributor of P&G
  • Directly reporting to WS National Sales Manager
  • Managing 7 merchandisers
  • Achieve distribution, volume targets and by SKUs


Apr 2015Mar 2016


Edinburgh Business School

MBA (Marketing)

Sep 2000May 2005


El Menofya University

Bachelor of Arts Department of English


Sales Presentation

To review what we have achieved, current situation, and our future plane in a specific time frame. 


With myself, my colleagues, competitors, and future


Knowing contents of planning help me to make an intelligent one (Executive Summary, Current Situation, Performance Review, Key Issues, Objectives, Strategy, Action Plan, Profit and loss Statement, Controls, Contingency Plan)that is why I have never fail. 


+10 Years sales experience learnt me actual negotiation and immediately problem solving beside that course was taken by P&G 

Communication Skills

Basic Skills is communication within which you gain and build the long term and lasting relationships with customers that is the competitive advantage and within which I differentiate our company from competitors

Target Achievement

+10 years of success in achieving and implementing company objectives what ever, when ever, How ever


I am an MBA student starting with Marketing at Edinburgh Business School here are some headlines from which I study: 

  • Marketing Management Progress
  • Corporate Strategies and their Marketing Implications
  • Business Strategies and their Marketing Implications
  • Environmental Analysis (Tools to Identify Attractive Markets)
  • Industry Analysis and Competitive Advantage
  • Understanding customer buying behavior
  • Understanding Organizational Markets and Buying Behavior
  • Measuring Markets Opportunities, Forecasting, and Markets Research
  • Market Segmentation, and Target Marketing
  • Positioning
  • 4 Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, and Physical Distribution)
  • Marketing Strategies for the Product Life Cycle
  • Planning for Effective Implementation
  • Measuring and Delivering Performance



English: - Fluently speaking, writing, and reading