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Mahmoud Abd Elrahman

Area Manager- Maintenance Rollout Engineer

Work experience

Orascom Trading

Mar 2012Present

Manager of Imbaba Office , Team Leader ( Down Town , Madint Nasr ) Offices

Roll: Area Leader: January 2014 till present Currently I am working at Orascom Trading as Area leader for Mobinil mobile network.  Manage all of the office work (CM, PM ) and follow up with teams The troubleshooting and follow up all aspect of maintenance such as (Swapping, migration, Roots)  Perform Planning for Preventive Maintenance (PM), Audit and Clear Site reserves.  Handle and organize the work between the teams as per work priority.  Make the reports (weekly and monthly) for all of the office work  Follow up the office stock (Radio, Environmental)

African Waves

Feb 2008Present

Rollout and Maintenance Engineer

B- Africanwaves: Roll: Site Engineer from 2008 to 2009 I have been working at Africanwaves Company. Africanwaves is a leader in the field of VSAT telecommunication systems, Broadcasting, GSM transmission, Wimax, Multimedia, Education and Professional solutions. Africanwaves is an official agent for many large companies which are leaders in wireless communication in the entire world, such as: Comtech, ViaSat, STM, Wireless excellence CableFree, iDirect, JPF, and Airspan. I had achieved the following projects: - 1. Free Space Optical (FSO):  Install more than 300 Laser links that connects BTS to BSC for Mobinil.  Provide site survey for Line Of Sight (LOS) for all the laser links.  Provide the maintenance & troubleshooting for all types of alarms. 2. British petroleum FSO links:  Install, test and operate FSO links to obtain a full connectivity for H.Q. and the branches LOS with a high capacity 1 Gbps BW to connect the backbone switches on each site with the Master point at El Maadi.  Install, test and operate FSO link (4 Km) to connect BP with Gapco (100 Mbps). C- Medical Necessity Company Roll: Site Engineer from 2007 to 2008 Perform maintenance, production, expert in use control systems (electric-pneumatic) and plastic injection machines

Orascom Trading

Feb 2009Feb 2012

Senir Engineer ( Maintenance )

O&M for SDH, PDH , ADM Links
 Maintenance for Alcatel BTS station and Micro BTS
 Implementing CWOs (circuit work order), to provide E1 cross connections, and perform troubleshooting procedures for E1 paths from the BSC to the BTS. Fiber and ET testing. BER testing. Termination of E1 cables to crone blocks of radios and cross connect of E1. Provide E1 from the BSC to the BTS.
 Professional in using software programs which control different microwave types (Alcatel and NEC), Alcatel BTS, BSC, rectifier software (Saft and Delta), Nokia, Huawei Node B and RNC.
 Professional in using measurement equipment’s like, PCM analyzer, Site Master, Frequency Meter and power meter.
 Follow up and solve all NMS (Network Monitoring Supervision) problems as this project enables us to monitor all microwave links and its’ problems to be able to solve any problem before affecting the network performance.
 Be aware with OMC (operating maintenance center) software and tasks and how to monitor BTS and BSC status and how to make remotely actions on them.
 Use of BTS terminal Alcatel software for BTS, Micro BTS commissioning and configuration , Alcatel Nectas, AWY software to configure Alcatel microwave and Huawei maintenance terminal to monitor RRU node B and commissioning if remote commissioning failed for any reason.
 Installation, commissioning and integration of BTS alarm and AC/ DC power systems, e.g. rectifier, ASCOM Delta, Saft and lorain.
 The Integration Including Troubleshooting , Connect and check External Alarms with the NOC , Perform Sweep Test (VSWR and return loss of feeder cables), use of Site Master, Spectrum Analyzer, E1 /PCM analyzer and prepare the Site for PAT Procedure.
 Reporting and documentation on weekly and monthly basis..
 Be aware with OMC (operating maintenance center) software and tasks and how to monitor BTS and BSC status and how to make remotely actions on them.
 Responsible to follow up and be sure that all environment preventative maintenance activities done during PM (battery status, UPS Status, Fire System, Air-conditions).
 Acceptance for the new sites and make The D9 report.
 O&M for 2G /3G of Huawei BTS
 Troubleshooting, Solving the faults of the new solution TPH cabinets , Rectifiers which Perform handover & migration for the new sites.
 Expansion for traffic in the sites across fiber and E1’s.
 Check for the new expansion sectors as UMTS project.
 Checking With The B.O and The F.O The H.W problems
Optical Fiber Transmission
 Connect and maintain Fiber cables multi and single modes between 3G cells and via Telecom Egypt, conduct troubleshooting on cables and optical modules.
 Check the cross connection chain for the nodes
 Monitor performance of the Link
 Monitor and manage faults
 Follow traffic root for links, and create new roots
 Configure, upgrading the Link with The New SW .


Assuit University

Oct 1998Jun 2003

Communication & Electronic,


 Wimax: March 2010 at Cairo University
 GSM: May 2008 at Cairo University
 PBX: April 2007 at Vision Co.
 Certification from Egyptian engineer’s syndicate by Introduction for different communication system including:
GSM-Private Branch Exchange (PBX)-Computer Network & Application (LAN)-Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)-Closed Circuit Video Equipment’s. (CCVE)-Fire Alarm Control System (FACS)-Public Address & Sound System. (PA/SS)-Fax Machines (FAX). 2004
 Certificate from Egyptian military Army for electronic maintenance & electric instruments 2004


MS. Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, and MS Project)
 Solid working knowledge and experience with HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave, and Satellite communication system
 Demonstrated hands on systems integration, installation and troubleshooting experience.
 Demonstrated experience planning for and troubleshooting complex communication systems and presenting solutions
 Demonstrated experience developing and updating technical documentation including system and user operations and maintenance manuals.
 Demonstrated experience conducting technical briefings and performing end-user training.
 Expert in using all kinds of spectrum analyzers & E1 testers.
 Following up all new technologies especially in communications fields.
 Prepare the reports needed for projects day by day.
 Design a tutorial presentation about the projects and any related issue.
 Design telephone network and troubleshoot its’ problems.
 Technical support the hardware & software issues.
 Design of electronic circuits & Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
 Expert internet research skills.