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Work experience


First: In the field of Administration
1-Sales member in magic for computer supply, Souq el Asr mall. 2-Waiter at Blue beach club restaurant, Dhab. 3-Chief of public library in the Ministry of Defense Language institute(MODLI). 4-Member of translation branch, MODLI. 5-Member of testing branch, MODLI. Second: In the field of consecutive, simultaneous, and written translation: Escorting foreign military delegations hosted by Air craft career school. Conducting consecutive, simultaneous and written translations to military delegations participated in armament, maintenance and ammunition repair course, discussion sessions, and workshops. Certificates earned: BA of arts English department. Advanced maintenance course(computer hardware, software). Courses take: Advanced maintenance course(computer hardware, software). Scientific experience: a-Accompanying English speaking delegations and foreign embassies. b-Ability to deal with the elite foreign in Egypt. c-Ability to handle emerging problems duly. Personal features: a-Presentable appearance-self discipline-eloquent. b-Quick-witted-self confident-working with team spirit. c-Having a stable passion to encounter emergencies-ability to work under pressure. d-Dedicated to work. e-Fast learner person and socially accepted.



Faculty of Reserved Officers

Bachelor of Arts English Department

Faculty of Arts Department of English Kafr Elsheikh University