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Work experience

Nedbank BIS (Client Analytics) :CRM Manager/ BI Analyst

  • Mainly Integration with existing and legacy systems inc external systems
    • System Administrator for international developed marketing application called APRIMO
    • Duties include : Support(measured against downtime), Upgrades, Administration, Training. Full SQL Database support/maintenance
    • Developing integration components for product (e.g. adding SMS capability)
    • Developing web interfaces to Database information
    • Developing applications in ASP(WEB) AND Visual basic
    to support business requirements
    • Data Analysis on SQL Server 2000
    • ETL- Setting up of automated processes using( VB , DTS packages in SQL)
    • Server Administration: installation and upgrade of software and hardware
    • Database Administration: Control of SQL environment, database back-ups, design/creation and implementation of databases, optimising existing databases/queries, optimising processes/maintenance use DTS and stored procedures, data integrity/analysis, managing user rights and access, managing application rights.
    • Development of numerous application/solutions to facilitate reporting/adding/altering of database information.

Nedbank BIS: Business Solutions Developer Manager /BI Manager


Building and managing a team to meet and support business strategy
• Day-to-day running of business operations
• Analysis of business requirements
• Advising and development of business solutions for the business
• Data analysis – complex quering

• Support and maintenance of the Aprimo Marketing software
• Growing and extending the use of the Aprimo Marketing software into the greater business
• Support and maintenance of the hardware infrastructure
• Integration of systems both in-house systems and external systems
• Management of Projects
Some development  Projects
• Played an integral part in the integration of the Retail Data warehouse with another Systems including Internet forms; Siebel ; branch network; Card backend systems, NFP; Hogan CIS (Mainframe) etc.
• Client Experience Measurement (CEM) project being run across retail. The main aim of the CEM project is get feedback from clients shortly after they interacted with Nedbank and thus give business units across Retail a near real-time view of the experience a client had when interacting with Nedbank. This initiative will in turn improve the service offered to clients and thus improve.

Systems Manager


Supervises and co-ordinates activities of employees responsible for providing customer support services (application support and maintenance). Ensures that they provide a service that will exceed the expectations of the clients. Manages the process of problem resolution. Ensures problems are logged, followed and escalated as stipulated by approved policies, standards and procedures. Ensures support staff resolve all logged calls within approved resolution times. Produces reports as required. Is a technical expert in systems development in legacy and/or net centric systems environments. Responsible for setting of departmental standards and ensuring adherence to standards (incl systems/application design). Is responsible for overall application systems design, balancing optimisation of application access with resource utilisation factors. Assigns personnel to support and maintenance tasks and directs their activities. Responsible for the management of a production environment.



Southview High School

English /Afrikaans /Mathematics /Science /Computer Science /Biology


Application Development, Support. and System integration

Focused on using my technical skills to streamlining business process, prevent duplication of work and build application which are User Friendly, easily upgradeable and it increases the productivity of a business