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 The owner of Woodbury Pharmacy in Highland Mills, New York, Maher Ishak is a pharmacist with over 30 years experience in his field, dedicated to providing the highest levels of courteous and professional service. Earning his Bachelor`s degree in Pharmacy in Cairo, Egypt, in 1977, Maher Ishak subsequently opened two pharmacies licensed through the Egyptian Board of Pharmacy. In 1986, Maher Ishak moved to New York State and continued to dedicate his services to community medical needs. Taking a job at Rite Aid Pharmacy, Maher Ishak worked his way up to positions as Store Manager and Supervising Pharmacist over the next four years. He subsequently served as a pharmacist at other pharmacies in New York, fulfilling prescriptions, monitoring drug interactions, and giving knowledgeable counsel to patients. In 1995, after eight years of working in the United States, Maher Ishak opened his own pharmacy in Highland Mills. At Woodbury Pharmacy, Maher Ishak offers 24-hour emergency services in addition to prescription fulfillment services. An experienced counselor on pharmaceuticals, Maher Ishak also provides personalized medication consultations, a service that larger chain-store pharmacies often fail to provide. The Woodbury Pharmacy has been recognized for its unparalleled service to the community, with Maher Ishak`s operation nominated best pharmacy in Orange County, New York, for two consecutive years by a local newspaper. A dedicated family man, Maher Ishak has six children, many of whom have followed his footsteps in the pharmacy and medical professions. Maher Ishak sits on the social and charitable committees of the Virgin Mary & St. Pachomius Coptic Orthodox Church in Stony Point. He also supports Coptic Orphans, a grassroots volunteer organization committed to assisting children in Egypt with education and daily needs. An active community member, Maher Ishak sees providing quality health information and advice to his customers as the highest form of community service possible.

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