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I am a Muslim with high passion and dedication,

With a mission to always contribute in any positive changes that lead to the advancement of the environment,

I work hard , smart and sincere to realize the vision of being a wise leader.

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

Finance & Accounting Manager

PT Anugrah Boga Prima - Cikarang

An Industrial Catering Company based on Cikarang West Java

I have responsibility to :

1.  Setting up system and SOP

2.  Prepare Financial Statement

3.  Tax Reporting

4.  Operational Auditor

Jun 2013Jun 2016

Finance & Accounting Manager, Marketing

PT Hamparan Kencana Boga - Jakarta

A Catering and Housekeeping Services Company for Remote Area. Founded at June 2013.

My responsibilty and job describtion is :

1.  Setting up and prepare system & SOP

2.  Managing Cash Flow

3.  Prepare Monthly Income and Cash Flow budget

4.  Prepare Financial Statement

5.  Tax Reporting

6.  IT technical support

7.  Commercial for Marketing Department

Jun 2015Nov 2015

Finance & Accounting Manager, HR Officer

Joglo Patheya Resto - Jakarta

A Legendary Javanese Cuisines Restaurant at Kemang.

My Responsibility is :

1.  Setting up system and SOP

2.  Prepare Monthly Income and Cash Flow Budget

3.  Managing Cash Flow

4.  Entry data and prepare Financial Statement

5.  Tax Reporting

6.  Payroll & HR

Jan 2013Jun 2013

Finance & Accounting Dept. Head

PT Cardig Anugra Sarana Bersama - Jakarta

Member of Cardig Group with main bussiness is aprovided a Housekeeping Services.

In this compny that founded at December 2012, my responsibility is :

1.  Setting up Accounting & Financial system and SOP

2.  Invoicing & AR aging analyze

3.  Managing Cash Flow

4.  Prepare Monthly Income and Cash Flow Budget

5.  Entry data and Prepare Financial Statement

Apr 2010Dec 2012

Finance Manager

PT Cipta Anugrah Sarana Catering - Balikpapan

Member of Cardig Group with main bussiness is a Food Solution for Mining Company.

My Job describtion is :

1.  Invoicing and AR aging analyze

2.  Prepare Monthly Budget of Income and Cash Flow 

3.  Managing Cash Flow

4.  Prepare Cash Flow Statement Report

5.  Tax Reporting

6.  Internal Auditor

7.  IT technical support

Sep 2008Apr 2010

Finance Manager

PT Onasis Indonesia - Balikpapan

Company that Specialist in Engineering,Procurement, Pipeline, Maintenance & Supplier for Oil and Gas Services.

In this company, I have responsibility to :

1.  Managing Cash Flow and prepare monthly report of it.

2.  Invoicing & AR aging analyze

3.  IT technical support 

Sep 2005Sep 2008

Finance & Accounting Asst. Manager

PT Anugrah Jasa Caterindo - Balikpapan

Catering and Associated Services

Started from Accounting Staff, i have responsibility for Data Entry and prepare Financial Statement.   Entering the seventh month, I was more focused on the financial division with the main task is :

1.  Cash Flow Budgetting

2.  Invoicing

3.  AR & AP Aging Analyze.

4.  Tax Reporting

Another jobs that i've done is :

1.  Team Leader Mobilization New Project

2.  Internal Auditor

3.  IT technical support 

4.  Setting up Accounting System for New Project

Apr 2003Sep 2005

Operational Staff

Kopkar PT Karya Niaga Bersama



Program Application : MS Office, MYOB Accounting, Adobe (Photoshop, Acrobat), Corel Draw, Home Design

Write & Speak in English

Computer, Printer & Network



A.Md (Ahli Madya)

D3 Accounting - Politeknik Brawijaya University

Malang - East Java


SMA Negeri 09 

Malang - East Java


SMP Negeri 03

Malang - East Java


SDN 08 Lowokwaru

Malang - East Jawa.