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Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Crew Trainer


Being a crew trainer at McDonalds comes with many responsibilities. You must be willing to jump in and help wherever needed because you are able to work each station. You're availability must be very flexible and easy to work with. You are in charge of training new staff when hired, or old staff on new stations. It is up to you to ensure that other staff know how to work well and without proper training the store would not run well.


Sep 2011Present

Durham College

After graduating and obtaining a Paralegal lisence, a Paralegal may open up their own practice, work with other Paralegals, or work under a lawyer's firm and handle the smaller cases.

Some skills Paralegal's must acquire are:

-Fast working

-Excellent with Microsoft, word, excel, outlook and powerpoint

-Must be able to draft letters, memos, forms etc.

-Quick learner and a fast reader


Printable copy of Resume may be sent if acquired.


Social Media Tools Reflection,

Facebook: Facebook is a way for people to create profiles to share with their friends, family and co-workers to show their interests, hobbies, and lives. I use my Facebook to keep connected with distant friends and family and I enjoy sharing my pictures with them and vice versa. Facebook definitely helps with long distance relationships, whether it be with friends or family.

Twitter: Twitter is another way for people to share their lives with their friends. I use twitter to also share pictures, but I find that people I go to school and work with use it to communicate with each other about assignments, or shifts they need covered.!/magsmuhic

Blogspot: I just recently learned about Blogspot because of this class. I enjoy using it, although I have only used it for assignments, I could see myself creating a blog if I ever got into travelling or just something to do to share my thoughts and feelings with people. I really enjoy Blogspot.

LinkedIn: This is a way for people to find other professionals that are similar to them. People can also communicate with family. I created a LinkedIn profile for one of our earlier assignments. Although i do not use it too much, I feel once I become a lisenced Paralegal, I will use it frequently.

I find that these social media tools are a great way to discover things about people, keep in touch with distant friends and family and have fun with friends by posting pictures. I believe that once I do start my career, I will discover even more tools to use to help myself as a Paralegal.