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Life is really what you make of it, and at the end of your life if all the experiences you learn from, opportunities you seize, and friends you meet out weigh all the challenges you face, sacrifices you make, and foes that find you, then and only then have you lived a fulfilling life. This is my ultimate life goal in life, and this is my Visual CV.

Here you will find just a taste of the many forms of art that I have developed skills in, my work history, education information, events I've participated in and organizations that I am affiliated with.


Aug 2004May 2006

Associates in Applied Science

My Time at SAC:

  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Women's Center Poster Contest
  • Student Art Show Summer 2006, Summer 2008 - Metals Pieces Featured
  • Honors - Part-Time, Full Time and President Honors
  • President of Students in Free Enterprise club
  • Deans List

Selected Works From My Portfolio


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Work experience

Oct 2006Present

Pharmacy Technician

Walgreens Pharmacy

I started to work for Walgreens as a front cashier, in one month I was promoted to the Cosmetics department which offered pay incentives based on sales. In this department I was able to help meet sales quotas most notably during December of 2006 and 2007.  Here I was also in charge of maintaining the department's inventory and resetting individual departments on a regular basis. Sales were my number one priority but my customer service is what made it all the more possible.

In June of 2008 I took the Pharmacy Certification Exam Board test in order to become a certified pharmacy technician and have been counting pills ever since.