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Magdalini Matakou

Pharmacist. MBA graduate

  • Gazoros Serres Greece Serres
  • +302324042444

I am looking for a career opportunity to develop my skills further and deliver the results that I have studied and worked for. 

My Motto: 

"Success comes with hard work and determination"

Work History

Sep 2009today

Owner and sole pharmacist.


I own and work at my pharmacy which is situated in Greece. I manage employees, financial decisions, procurements and supply chain considerations We prize ourselves for complete customer satisfaction.We take pride in our counselling service.

Apr 2007Okt 2007

Trainee in production at Boehringer 


I was a trainee in the production area in the main site in Ingelheim. I got acquainted with production techniques, key performance indicators for specific products and the guidelines for the environment for the production of drugs.


Okt 2005Apr 2007

MBA in technology and innvation

Stuttgart University ,Germany

A multicultural executive program that gave us lessons in English and also taught us the basics of German Language GRaduated with a B+ (trancript included)

Jan 2004Sep 2005

Performing  Arts

Rontidis School of Arts

I learned the basics on performing creative arts and excelled in  Greek literatture, 

Sep 1998Dez 2003

Mpharm at the University of Bradforf]d

University of Bradford

Masters degree in Pharmacy



I am fluent in Greek (native), English and French. I speak and understand very good German. I am currently preparing to take the exam at the B2 level.


I work fast and can produce results under stress. Pressure does not intimidate me but further fuels me and challenges me.


I am a creative person, that excels in problem solving. 

I find solutions to problems

I have a vivid imagination, a sharp perception and a logic that guides me when problems arise.

Team work

I can work in teams very well ,I like to combine the advantages that different personalities bring to the table in order to achieve a better result. I cultivate relationships and consider them a priority in a work setting.

I am well acquainted with a lot of different cultures and I know how to treat people with respect, but also how to get the best out of them.

Social Networking

I am completely acquainted with the different tools that  social media provide us with in order to network, create friendships and cultivate mutual interests.

I enjoy the feeling of connectedness with the world that social media provide. I have experience in blogging and I have been a youtube video creator with more than a 3000 subscribers in a year.