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Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Account Manager for First Aid Training and MedFit program

International SOS, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Product marketing and selling.
    • Prepare product sales tools, i.e. brochure, product summary, proposal; including present product summary/presentation for clients.
    • Register, understand tender requirement, comply and prepare tender document in various segment (i.e. finance, banking, mining, oil & gas).
    • Maintain relationship with client by regular visit/call.
    • Resolve client complaints regarding sales and service.
  • Product specialist.
    • Build awareness and understanding of the products and increasing needs and values.
    • Act as point of first reference for all product related enquiries and work collaboratively with colleagues in related departments to address any issues that may arise.
  • Market research and competitor analysis.
    • Research and analyze market conditions, including identify key competitor and consumer trends.
    • Specifying market requirements and opportunities for current and future products (product innovation and product enhancements).
  • Suggest product development and pricing strategy.
    • Suggest product development and analyzing potential partner relationships for the product.
    • Determine product specifications of current existing product and defining suggested specification of innovation/enhancement products.
    • Suggest pricing strategies.
  • Manage service delivery process, including the administration process
    • Develop systematic process & procedure for internal delivery service with cross functional departments, from service delivery department to finance department.
    • Preparing contract and coordinate with other cross function department on the process of presenting the signed agreement (finance, service delivery, legal, commercial)
    • Supervise service delivery and payment, including handling complaint.
  • Assist with the development of market plan.
  • Manage SalesForce as company world wide database of all sales activities in all countries.
  • Coordinate with other region for cross selling product.


  • MedFit (MCU arrangement and review) : BHP Billiton, Shelf Drilling, and Trans Ocean.
  • First Aid Training :
    • Finance, Banking, and Insurance (Standard Chartered, Mizuho Bank, AIA, AXA),
    • EMI and support services (Schlumberger, Medco, Petronas, PGN, Pertamina, Trakindo, Gemala Borneo Utama, Jacobs),
    • Embassies and NGO (Kompak, US Embassy, Netherland Embassy, Australian Embassy—incl Western and Victorian, WorldBank),
    • Manufacture and Retail (Givaudan, Firmenich, Schneider Electric, Syngenta, Lafarge, Google, Disney, IBM),
    • Hotels, Malls and School (Ciputra, Mandarin Oriental, Pasific Place, Jakarta Land, Jaya Property, Nanyang School, British Jakarta, Bandung Intl. School, Discovery Centre, Binus Intl. School)
Aug 2012Dec 2014

Client Service Executive for Oil and Gas Segment

International SOS, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist Marketing Manager in sales process
    • Find opportunity, arrange meeting, prepare presentation documents, attend meeting, make minutes, contract administration, operation procedure and administration, product finalization.
    • Follow up Inquiry, prepare quotation/ proposal, send quotation/ proposal, follow up with client, contract administration.
  • Supervise service delivery and payment
    • Create project data sheet as guidance for service delivery.
    • Including not limited to travel management, payment procedure agreement
  • Prepare tender documents, following SKK Migas PTK 007 Rev2
  • Organize softcopy and hardcopy documents.
  • Open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email.
  • Develop company standard document in relation with other related departments : Organize meeting with all head of related department, attend meeting, make minutes, gather and accomodate inputs, compile all input, finalize the document, and distribute the final standard document to related department.
  • Manage SalesForce as company world wide database of all sales activities in all countries : data base of clients, projects, and prospects


  • BGP various projects for TOTAL Kalimantan, ENI West Papua, Pertamina Jambi, Star Energy North Jakarta, etc
  • INPEX Masela Ltd for Saumlaki Project : Staffing, Membership, First Aid Training, Site Health Review, Medical Supplies
  • TOTAL Balikpapan for Expatriate doctor
  • Block Owner and SPC for various projects (STATOIL—Papua, Karama; SANTOS—Mentawai, Aceh; LUNDIN—Natuna Sea Gurita and Baronang; Mubadala—Sebuku) : Staffing, Membership, First Aid Training, Medical Supplies.
  • PGN for various locations Site Health Review
  • Schlumberger for various locations : 4 rigs around Kalimantan, Balikpapan office, Duri, Rumbai.

Seasonal cashier / Event Support 

PT. Amway Indonesia

Event Support’s Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Costumer greeting.
  • Product Promotion to customer.
  • Ensure product availability on the event.
  • Describing the product and showing the public how it works.

Cashier’s Responsibilities:

  • Guiding and solving queries of customer.
  • Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits.
  • Controlling and checking outgoing merchandise.
  • Calculate total payments received during a time period, and reconcile this with total sales.

Freelance Administrator Support 

Yayasan Pelita Harapan

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Documentation : make minutes and typing, prepare letter
  • Create spreadsheets and presentations,
  • Maintain and organize files and filing
  • Manage and route office communications, letters and documents
  • Organize diaries and make reminders
  • Manage and order office stationery supplies based on supervisor approval

Professional Experience in Other Area

2012 – Present               Freelance Travel Planner

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collect and accommodate Clients' request, advice and arrange all travel request: itinerary, transportation, meals and accommodation, activities and entertainment
  • Construct cost plan and payment which meeting to Client's budget.
  • Find travel destination, transportation to and within the place, facilities, and promote the place.
  • Make a good relationship to local people and vendor, including get the best price for facilities and assistance (including weather, local condition & culture).


Jan 2012 - Jun 2012     Teacher assistant at Kidea Alam Sutera Preschool and Kindergaten – 1,5 – 4 year old students

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Classroom Assistance
    • Supervise children in the hallway, lunchroom, and playground.
    • Assist with student dressing and feeding, toileting and toilet training programs, and students’ daily hygiene.
  • Teaching Learning Assistance
    • Work with the teacher to develop classroom schedules.
    • Assist the teacher in observing, recording, and charting behaviour, including observation and assessment of students.
    • Assist in preparation/production of instructional materials and modifications.
    • Assist the teacher with crisis problems and behavior management.
    • Assist individual students in performing activities initiated by the teacher and reinforce learning in small groups or with individuals, while the teacher works with other students.
    • Work directly with students in different settings where a teacher is not available on class.
  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences and assist with parent communication.
  • Participate in and help and organize extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events.


Jun 2011 - Nov 2011    Internship at Lentera Harapan Junior High School, Lampung – Social Studies for 7th and 8th grade

2010                                  Internship at Saint John Junior High School, Jakarta – Economic, Geographic, History, and Citizenship for 7th and 8th grade

2009                                  Internship at Dian Harapan Junior High School, Jakarta – Mathematic for 7th and 8th grade

Roles and Responsibilities :

  • Participate in all School Activities and Training.
    • Participate, assist and organize extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events.
    • Participate, attend, give input in department/teacher meeting.
    • Support students on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties, i.e. individual tutorial.
  • Classroom Management : Consult with teacher mentor and design Code of Conduct in Class together with students and Manage student behavior in the classroom by invoking approved disciplinary procedures if allowed, to create positive educational climate.
  • Assist Teacher Mentor in Classroom Teaching-Learning Activities.
    • Consult with Teacher mentor for learning objectives and curricula, create lesson plans with teacher mentor guidance, and integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.
    • Implement lesson plan and deliver materials, select and utilize various learning resources and equipment, and reviewed by teacher mentor.
    • Participate in parent-teacher conferences and assist with parent communication .
  • Student Assessment
  • Design rubric with teacher mentor as standard for assessment based on learning objectives and create assessment materials to meet learning objectives.
  • Observe and evaluate student's performance, including assess work, give appropriate feedback and maintaining records of students' progress and development with teacher mentor guidance.


2001 – 2004      Ricci II Junior High School Jakarta

2004 – 2007      Saint Mary High School Yogyakarta – Science Major

2007                   Atma Jaya University - Economic Faculty (1 semester)

2008 – 2011      Pelita Harapan University – Teacher College Faculty—Secondary Social Science