Ma Kayla Eyer

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Ma Kayla Eyer


Understanding other cultures can help me better understand one's actions and effectively communicate well with them.

Through research, Greek Culture Research, and presentations, Arab Culture I am able to develop my knowledge into information that will help me interact with others better in the future.

Also, by studying case studies I am able to make connections in the world to events that have happened in the past.

Case Study Relation


Collaborating with a team is very effective. It involves drawing, writing, discussing, and much more.

My team has collaborated through reading and discussing various case studies. Below are some examples:

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

We have used drawing boards to collaborate and Brainstorm ideas.

Proposal Brainstorming

We also do Team Building in order to grow together as a team to make our collaboration more effective.


Many benefits to being professional include writing and looking professional.

Through being professional, I am able to send Client Emails professionally.

I am able to Look professional.

And I am able to write Proposals professionally.


Through the use of Information Technology in a Global Society I further developed skills that can help me understand technology issues and how to fix them effectively.

ITGS Chapter review

ITGS Chapter review

Also through the use of Information Technology in a Global Society I further developed a wider range of technology terms.

ITGS Chapter terms


Through the use of Mango Languages I was able to learn many new and eccentric languages.



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