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Ma Kayla Eyer


Collaborating with a team is very effective. It involves drawing, writing, discussing, and much more.

My team has collaborated through reading and discussing various case studies. Below are some examples:

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

We have used drawing boards to collaborate and Brainstorm ideas.

Proposal Brainstorming

We also do Team Building in order to grow together as a team to make our collaboration more effective.


Many benefits to being professional include writing and looking professional.

Through being professional, I am able to send Client Emails professionally.

I am able to Look professional.

And I am able to write Proposals professionally.


Through the use of Mango Languages I was able to learn many new and eccentric languages.


Through the use of Information Technology in a Global Society I further developed skills that can help me understand technology issues and how to fix them effectively.

ITGS Chapter review

ITGS Chapter review

Also through the use of Information Technology in a Global Society I further developed a wider range of technology terms.

ITGS Chapter terms


Understanding other cultures can help me better understand one's actions and effectively communicate well with them.

Through research, Greek Culture Research, and presentations, Arab Culture I am able to develop my knowledge into information that will help me interact with others better in the future.

Also, by studying case studies I am able to make connections in the world to events that have happened in the past.

Case Study Relation



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