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Specializing in bringing characters to life for diverse scale and media platforms.

Diligent craftsmanship and attention to detail with an understanding of the big picture.

Cooperative team player, proactive team leader and project manager.

Clear communication and organization skills.

Connecting and collaborating with people through visual inspiration, animation and performance.

Stop-motion Puppetry

Television: Puppet Fabrication

Short Films: Producer/Director

  • The Seeds-An Invisible Alchemy  Dec 2007, 12 min.Producer/Director, Puppets, Sets, Animation.  5 Academic Awards 
  • Tailleur April 2006, 4 min. Co-Producer/Director, Puppets, Sets, Animation. Tobin Theater Award, Screened at Prague Quadrennial, Prague CZ                                         
  • Sirushka  Dec 2005, 4 min.Producer/Director, Puppets, Sets, Animation
  • The Dream May 1996, 7 min. Producer/Director                                                                       

Live Puppetry

         On Set Art Department. Puppet painting, set dressing, puppeteering.

           Leather book cover, pop-up construction, puppeteering



  • Don Quixote, April 2010, Assistant Costume Design, Miracle Theater - Drammy Award 2010 Best Costume Design
  • Ill Starred, Fall 2009, Co-Costume Design - Hot Little Hands
  • Trojan Women, August 2009 Assistant Costume Design, Mask Design - Greek Classical Theater - Drammy Award 2010 Best Costume Design
  • Always Merry and Bright,  April 2009, Co-Costume Design - Hot Little Hands
  • The Illusion,  March 2009, Assistant Costume Design- Public Playhouse
  • Charlotte Saloman: Life or Theater,  Feb 2009, Assistant Costume Design - Jewish Community Theater
  • James and The Giant Peach,  Oct 2008, Assistant Costume Design- Oregon Childrens Theatre, Drammy Award 2008 Best Costume Design
  • Eurydice,  Sept 2008, Assistant Costume DesignArtist's Reperatory Theater - Drammy Award 2008 Best Costume Design
  • Midsummer Nights Dream,  July 2008, Faery realm costumes- Water in The Desert Festival 


  • Qxtor, 2009, Victorian Alien Costumes, Dir. G.A. George
  • I Won't Look,  2008,  Water Nymph Costume, Dir. G. A.  George


  • Lokkii Viking  Feb 2008, Fantasy viking costume for Lokkii Charcoal Briquettes commercial- Produced at Fox 12, OR                                                    

Work experience

Jan 2017

Set Dresser

House Special
Jan 2011Dec 2016

Stop motion Puppet Fabricator

Bent Image Lab

Lead Fabricator, Puppet Costumes, Hair & Fur, General Puppet Fabrication

Apr 2014May 2014

Freelance Television : Art Dept.

Starburns Industries

Leather book cover, pop-up construction, puppeteering

Aug 2008Apr 2010

Assistant Costume Designer

Thrift Shoppe Theatre

Followed original designs from drawing to completed construction using patterning, draping and recycled deconstruction techniques.  Co-designed and constructed award winning theatrical costumes, dance costumes and miniature puppet costumes. Delivered completed pieces within budget and on time for tight deadlines.

Jan 2002Jan 2010

Lead Artist

Alchemystical Workshop

Designed and created original stop-motion films, costumes and theatrical sets. Researched and implemented new techniques and materials. Supervised others in the creation of models, puppets, armatures and sets. Delivered quality work to clients from initial design proposal to contract completion.

Workshops and Conferences

  • Foam Puppet Workshop - Jan 2009, Toby Froud, Eugene, OR
  • Rod Puppet Workshop - July 2008, Toby Froud, Eugene, OR
  • Prague Quadrennial - June 2007, International Festival of Theatrical Design, Prague, CZ


Sep 2005May 2008


Pacific Northwest College of Art

H.S. Diploma

Pacific Crest Community School


Giant Puppets