Dr. Maen Abu Househ, Mbbs

Dr. Maen Abu Househ, Mbbs

Work experience

Work experience
May 2012 - Present

Co-Founder, Public relation manager, and Business Developer

ARAMCCO in Germany
A company that is mainly run by doctors and it's main business is medical tourism and offering the best comprehensive services for patients who are interested, or need medical care in Germany, it also offer services for doctors and medical students, and students interested to study medicine in Germany.
Mar 2008 - Present

Editor, Founder of cardiology task force, Auto-reviewer, Reviewer, and Roll-backer

Contributed with more than 27000 Edits to the encyclopedia, most are medical, also added a vast amount of medicine related pictures, graphics, mind maps and illustrations. Most proud of contributions to the Hypertension article, which was promoted to a good article status on the encyclopedia, and Kawasaki disease article, besides many other contributions to vital articles at the Wikiproject Medicine at Wikipedia
Jul 2012 - Jul 2013

Intern Medical Doctor

Prince Hamzah Hospital
Obstetrics and Gynecology (09/07/2012 - 09/09/2012) Pediatrics (09/09/2012 - 09/11/2012) Emergency Medicine (09/11/2012 - 09/12/2012) Internal Medicine (09/12/2012 - 09/03/2013) General Surgery (09/03/2013 - 09/07/2013)
Jun 2012 - Jul 2013

Volunteer Doctor

Save the Children
Part of the medical team of Save the Children Anemia Combating campaign in Jordan, Interviewing patients (children 0 to 5 and moms), examining patients, and making decision regarding the need for further testing other than routine screening was done.
Jun 2008 - Jun 2010


Operation Smile Jordan
Worked as a Volunteer in the office and as an organizer and part of the IT team creating web materials, banners and adverts for fund raising, and in the missions as an organizer, and helping the medical team in the OR and the recovery room.


2014 - 2014

Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Online course on Coursera.com discussing types of trial designs, randomization and masking, outcome and analysis, ethics, and reporting results
2013 - 2014

B1, B2, TestDaf

IFA Institute
2006 - 2012

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Jordan University of Science and Technology
2011 - 2011

Elective At Heidelberg University Hospital

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
During this period participated in patients visits at station 8 where they take care of post-operative visceral operated patients, also visited the operation rooms daily observing several procedures such as laparoscopic colectomy with Prof. Markus W. Büchler a world renowned surgeon, classic Whipple procedures and antrum sparing Whipple procedure with Prof. Jürgen Weitz, liver and partial liver resection, and liver transplantation
2011 - 2011


SANA Heart Surgery Center
During this period was part of Dr. Alex Horke Team, who was the main pediatric cardiac surgeon in the center, observed and assisted in several pediatric cardiac surgical procedures such as ASD and VSD repair, arterial switch for transposition of great vessels, adult ASD repair, PDA Ligation, and Fontan procedure. also observed and assisted in aortic valve repair and replacement, mitral valve repair through minimal invasive procedure, thoracic aorta replacement using Evita conduit.
2010 - 2011


Goethe Institute
Courses A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2
2010 - 2010


Specialty Hospital
During this period was on call practicant in the ER, and observed and assisted in several surgical procedures, such as CABG with Dr. Waleed De'emes, Colectomy and Hartman procedure with Prof. Farhan Yassin, Kidney Transplant and Venous stripping with Dr. Waleed Maso'ud
2001 - 2006

O Level, A Level

High Achiever 2002-2006 2001-2004 IGCSE by Cambridge university – 2 A*’s in Physics and Chemistry, 3 A’s in Mathematics Biology and Information Technology, 2 B’s in Arabic and English languages. 2004-2006 GCE by Edexcel university – 7 A’s in: Full Mathematics”AS+A2”, Biology “AS”, Chemistry “AS”, Physics “AS”, Full Arabic”AS+A2”
2001 - 2001

Level 8

British Council - Jordan





Strategy Making

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Data Organization

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Medical Staff Relations



Medical Practice Management

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Project Coordination

Interviewing Skills

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Contract Negotiation

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Medical Tourism

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Thinking Outside The Box



Mind Mapping

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Social Networking

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Microsoft Office

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Health Education

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Healthcare Management

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Critical Thinking

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Writing in the Sciences

Statistics: Making sense of data

Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials