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My Work



Berman/Sacks Talent Agency + Active Management

Acting on the silver screen, big screen, medium screen and very small screen, theatrically and commercially. Commercial bookings include Mastercard, Volvo, Verizon, Samsung, Lee Jeans, Chanel, Dos Equis, Alfex Watches and more. Theatrical bookings include a ton of stuff you've never heard of, such as Meet My Valentine (2015) and Calipatria (2014).


Production Manager


Managing all production aspects at the most excellent 400-capacity New York City music venue, Littlefield, including all communication with bands, managers, event planners and promoters, assessing technical needs, facilitating equipment rentals, scheduling staff, problem-solving/damage control, and so many other things associated with running a successful, constantly evolving, creative space.


Creative Handyman

Tiny Rebel

As a creative gun-for-hire, I have been a music supervisor on feature films and cable TV shows, a tour manager for internationally recognized bands, an independent music agent and concert promoter, a web designer, and blogger.


Country Manager


First an editor on this online music platform, then creative project manager on commercial cross-platform projects working with major brands, and then finally promoted to Country Manager of BandBase's North American and German ventures. As such, I managed staff, created editorial guidelines, negotiated creative license agreements with Danish and German copyright associations, and reported to the company's CEO thousands of miles away on a daily basis.

My Education


Acting with Impact

Kimberly Jentzen's Living The Art Institute

Attended intermediate and advanced on-going classes on acting for film, scene study, character development, emotional content, improvisation, script analysis and the Jentzen Technique.


Acting for Film

T. Schreiber Studios, NYC

Attended introductory classes on acting for film, scene study, character development and the Meisner Technique.


Negotiation and Mediation

Independent Courses

Completed professional courses in negotiation and mediation techniques as part of my continued education while employed by BandBase.

Aug 2005Sep 2006

Film and Media Sciences

University of Copenhagen

Courses in communication, film theory, film analysis, and a slew of other things, all of which I have happily forgotten due to the fact that they hold absolutely no value (creatively or commercially) in the real world.


2-year College Degree (Denmark)

TH. Lang's HF, Denmark

Graduated top of my class and in the top 5% nationwide. My main focus was on English and Music. Geography brought down my average, but I have been making up for that ever since.

This is me

A limited selection of my most flattering work on the screen and in print.

Skills & Buzz Words

I can hold my own in any setting; business, social or as a one-man team.
Whether I'm building wooden furniture, producing an interactive commercial or developing a character for film, I'm focused on the task at hand and will regard no detail as unimportant.
I'm an ace with all things online, a master of Microsoft Office, proficient in Photoshop, self-taught in movie and music editing, know how to handle expensive electronics and I'm generally a fast learner a la the new millennium.
Because that's really what it's all about in this business. I'm not afraid of challenges and consider exploration of the unknown both a pleasure and a privilege. I have climbed a mountain in Antarctica. I have attended stunt driving school. I have backpacked in Guatemala. I practice Krav Maga religiously. I have rescued and fostered a baby bunny.

For Extra Credit

I have reliable transportation and 100% clean DMV, criminal and insurance records.

I am 30 years old, born and raised in Denmark, went to school in Iowa, lived in Brooklyn for four years, and just recently bought a house in Los Angeles with my wife of five years.

I love working with creative and inspiring people. I feel at home on a film set. I am efficient and calm under stress. I believe a 9-to-5 work schedule to be a primitive and restrictive construct. I will work whenever necessary and for as long as necessary.

I believe in passion over profit. I believe in skills over diplomas. I believe that the road less traveled has the better view. I believe in trust and truth and dedication.


Very important people in very important positions can attest to my phenomenal skills upon request.