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Aug 1995Jun 1997


Truman Education Center


As the 4th man of the store from the top down, I assist with the daily operations of the store. I sometimes open the store, but mainly work as the night manager who's very experienced in closing the store. I submit truck orders, deal with pre-books, oversee scheduling, also responsible for the perimeter departments, (produce, meat / deli, bakery, service desk, and the restaurant). I do everything from executing cleanliness of the parking lot to the store, run cash register, book-keeping, and sometimes the service desk which involves renting movies, lottery, and western union. I even know how to use a forklift for maintaining backroom organization. My job is ok, but I don't see oppurtunity in my near future and I'm looking to play a more important role in business operations. I've been told by many customers and employees that I am more than ready to actually run my very own store, but not in my opinion, but I do feel I am ready to become the second man of the store!


I love the Art of Chess, Music Productions, Basketball, Football, Martial Arts, and Weightlifting.


Looking to play a more important role in business operations and a better oppurtunity in my near future!


To be the best assistant possible for the important person running the show!


Youth Leader

Dru Pippin Center