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Work experience


Physical Therapy, Upfront Recovery LLC

I worked here for 6 months. It was educational and I learn quite I bit from this job. I left because this job just wasn't for me and I needed to focus on my school work.


OSU Writing Center

I worked there more than a year and a half. I loved working there and I was a great writer. I left because I'm just trying to get to my dream job.


The Ranchers Club

I worked there for over one year. My boss said I was one of the best waitresses they've ever and that he was happy he got to work with me. It was a great job, but it just wasn't the job for me and I wanted a change. Also, I wanted to do something that would help me get to my goals.


Bachelors Degree in Counseling

Oklahoma State University

It's a great school and I had the best four years of my life there!