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Work experience

Sep 2014Sep 2014


April Milkovich

Babysitter April Milkovich , 520 Ohio Avenue , Midland PA 15059

September, 2014 - Present 4 hours/week Total Hours : 4 Grade 10

I take care if her three children when she is out doing something important. It is good for me because I can work with children and show my fun personality.


Oct 2013Oct 2017

High School diploma

Beaver Area School District

I have not taken any AP classes this year, but hopefully I can fully succeed in one before I graduate in 2017.

Jun 2004Oct 2013

High School Diploma

Freedom Area School District

In my ninth grade year I moved from Freedom to Beaver in 2013. I am going to now graduate in Beaver Area District.


Cooking, Caring for Children, focusing on tasks, and helping other people.
There are certain things I'm good at which I think that could be beneficial to you and your company.


Nov 2014Nov 2014

Honor Roll

Honor Roll
This year I have received honor roll the first semester of my tenth grade year. I received it because I have gotten extraordinary grades on by first report card.


Tina Boyd Fifth Grade Teacher Freedom Area Middle School

"Madison McGurgan is an extraordinary young woman. As her fifth grade teacher, I have seen many examples of her talent and have long been impressed by her diligence and work ethic. Madison strives to be a leader in all things that she does. Madison has outstanding organizational skills. She is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. Madison always took other students under her wings, and tried to help anyone in need. While attending Freedom Middle School she was well respected by all of her teachers as well as her fellow classmates. Madison was always hard working when it came to her academic performance. She strove to do her best in the classroom and on any playing field that she participated on. Her success in the classroom and on the field was a direct result of her hard work and strong focus. Madison would be an excellent choice for any honor that could bestowed upon her. She has constantly demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face. To conclude, I would like to restate my recommendation for Madison McGurgan. If you have any further questions regarding Madison's ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information on this letter." Sincerely, Tina Boyd Fifth Grade Teacher Freedom Middle School 1701 Eighth Avenue Freedom, PA 15042 (724)774-7641 ext.163

Jeanine Ging Freedom Area Middle School 6th Grade Teacher

To whom it may concern, ​I have known Ms. Madison McGurgan since 2007. She was a student of mine on two separate occasions, third grade and again in sixth grade. During this time she was always very conscience of her school work and of the decisions that she made socially. She worked hard at her academics and was a wonderful group leader and participant. Madison always made sure everyone was included in the group and helped others who may have been struggling without being demeaning or condescending. Madison is a team player who works for the greater good. She will step up when she has the strong skills, but she can also step aside and take a peers lead when called for in a situation. ​I have also had the honor of knowing Madison on a more personal basis. Her mother was the caregiver for my children for years. During this time Madison was more like a big sister to my children. She was kind and caring and willing share her home and family with my family. ​Madison has grown into a fine young women with a sensible head on her shoulders. She would be an asset to any staff. ​If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. My address is: 78 Fawnvue Dr. McKees Rocks, Pa 15136 (412)760-9584

April Milkovich Mother of the Children I care for.

To whom it may concern: "It is with great pleasure that I recommend Madison McGurgan as a candidate for a position with your company. Madison has been working for me for a couple months now caring for my children and tutoring our oldest child. Madison has been doing an excellent job for us with our children. She has established a dependable relationship with our family. She has excellent people skills, verbal communicating, and is a very well organized young women. Madison has always been willing to do her best and offer her assistance anyway she could. She will be a tremendous asset to your company, as well as any endeavor she chooses. If you have any questions regarding for abilities or character, please feel free to contact me." April Milkovich 724-312-0582 520 Ohio Avenue, Midland PA 15059


My recent school picture.


Me practicing my skill which is cooking. I love everything about making recipes and different foods in the kitchen.

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My name is Madison McGurgan I currently live with my mother in Midland PA. I attend Beaver Area High School I'm in grade 10. I am very interested in your company because I feel like if I can get a job I can start to feel more independent in my life. I look forward to interviewing and meeting you.