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Looking for an opportunity where I can learn and grow in my career in engineering by acquiring and
mastering technical skills. I wish to be a contributor towards companies growth and success.

Technical Skills

  • MySQL
  • Google Firebase
  • Linux
  • PHP
  • HTML + CSS
  • Python
  • MongoDB



Bachelor of Engineering(Computers)

Sinhgad College of Engineering

Agrregate: 67%


Class XII

S.R Public Schoo,kota



Class X



Project and Experience

Android App for Taxi Sharing

A third year mini project in college where I collaborated with team of four students, me being the team
leader. We developed an app which provided users to share taxis going to same route. It helped the user to
select location and see current taxis available for sharing. We faced challenges to find optimum path with
minimum cost, which we solved using A*  algorithm. We also faced real time
data transaction problem while using MySQL DB hence we used Google Firebase to resolve this problem.
Platforms: JAVA, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Firebase.

Machine Learnign Course

Completed Machine Learning course on udacity in python.I learnt basic of scipy and numpy to implement supervised learning.

Current Work

My fourth year project is based on Image processing and machine learning. The system will detect ship in illegal area adn alert the authoity using remotely sensed images from Satellite.This sytem will be ideally real-time but currently we are focussing on single image.

Other Activities and Hobbies

  • I love playing guitar and singing and have performed at competitions and college programs.
  • I have participated in State Level Table-Tennis and was placed third.
  • Attended training in Microsoft .NET organized by MSA(Microsoft Student Association)
  • Participated in Barclays Student Training Program.