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Interpersonal Ability
Essential to develop and maintain business contacts who are likely to help achieve the profit and service objectives of the company. Necessary when dealing with business contacts at the highest levels and all kinds of customers
Business Awareness
Necessary as budget preparation for the section r responsibility. Awareness of the market is critical to preparing sales plans and strategies.
Customer Service & Orientation
Important but more critical to the Sales Executives who directly liase with both the internal and external customer as a routine part of their job.
Influence & Negotiation
Needed to negotiate major agreements with the principal that affect the profitability of the company.
Fulfill the role of the leader. Raise your effectiveness and improve your performance. Extend your influence beyond your immediate reach and time. A roadmap for taking the journey to the highest level of leadership.
Problem Solving & Decision Making
The ability to take a balanced, logical view to break complex issues into their component parts, recognise priorities and weigh up different options in order to judge the best course of action


Travelling, learning about diffrent cultures

Reading books, and interested in knowing and undrestanding other cultures.

Work experience

Nov 2012Present




To support the Hr Manager or the Asst.H R Manager in providing a comprehensive HR service which will include, but is not restricted to, an internal consultancy service on such matters as company policies, job evaluation, staff development, pay/remumuneration and performance matters to the respective line departments in order to ensure the provision of a qulity service and consistency in the implementation of HR policies.AAA.

Provide an effective employee relations service in line managers and staff, ensuring that advice and /or counselling is given as appropriate. This will include advising and participating in disciplinary and grievance interviews to ensure equitable treatment of staff, within policy, and that such matters are properly documented.


Job holder is required to maintain relations with various external parties e.g. staff family members in case of deaths,banks, hospitals and other govenment bodies with regard to facilitating and expediting satisfactory conclusions to employee issues.


Induction Process :Receive new staff and carry out personalised induction procedures, ensuring that new joiner are appropriately and caringly processed into the company's administrative procedures to facilitate a smooth transition into the company and life in Dubai.


Exit Process:Conduct exit interviews with staff who have resigned, monitoring significant trends and highlighting these to the relevant line managers with recommendations for corrective action. Carry out exit procedures, ensuring that staff members are correctly advised on procedures, evaluate and approve requests made by them to ensure consistency. Ensure that the company's interests are protected at all times and that employee needs are achieved in line with company policy. Job holder has to be diplomatic in approach while at the same time be understanding and show empathy.


Guide Line Managers in writing job descriptions, dealing with manpower planning issues, promotions, training and development, setting PM objectives, identifying competencies, developing self development plans, capability issues and other jobs within the Department.


Provide an analytical and qualitative job evaluation function to the respective HR section and Line Managers taking into account the proposed new job's impact/consistency with existing jobs in the Dept./Company, and based on bench marks provide recommendations, advice and a proposed CAJE score/grade. This function is performed for jobs within the relevant HRMs area of responsibility as well as for those in other areas.


Performance Matters :Provide continuous support to the Corporate Performance Matters initiative and line departmnets by recommending system enhancements and by assisting the dept in identifying objectives/competencies, ensure that a high standard of quality is maintained and resolve all employee grievances with regard to the review process.


Project/Reports :Participate as a team member in HR based projects and contribute towards developing new HR products, improved process and systems that will enable HR be more customer service orientated and progressive.


Contribute towards improved personnel policies and practices in order to enhance the service provided to staff/line managers by the department. This will involve drafting amendments to policies, highlighting discrepancies identifying loopholes, ambiguities and critiquing drafts raised Personnel Planning.


Provide statistical/analytical information on an adhoc basis to Senior Managers of the H.R. Sept and Line Dept. on such matters as, Compensation and Benefits, Job Evaluation, Performance Reviews, Manpower Planning and Control etc., in order to initiate the decision making process, highlighting problematic areas, recommend solutions/alternatives to problems and follow through in their implementation.


Recruitment (specific to Planning & Remuneration Section but would also required from all HRSs on an adhoc basis) To provide a Recruitement service to a number of assigned departments and thereby ensure that all designated vacancies are filled by a person capable and competent to perform the tasks at the highest level of quality. To manage the recruitment process for the assigned departments by providing recruitment solutions and professional guidance to managers thereby ensuring the highest professional service at best cost.

Sep 2002Nov 2012


Emiates Airline

Emirates Airlines, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSep 2002 to 04Nov13

EAP Counselor (Employee Assistance Programme - Human Resources)

To assist EK group employees and their immediate family members to deal with different personal problems, terminal illness, mental health related issues such as adjustment to the new environment, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, suicide threat / self harm or any similar mental health crisis. E.A.P. Counselor supports employees and helps them to remain focused, safe and productive.

  • EAP Professionals have a primary obligation to respect the confidentiality of information obtained from persons in the course of their work as EAP Professionals. In a situation where information needs to be revealed to others, E.AP. Counselor will ask for consent from the person concerned and this will be obtained in writing.

Tomanage cases from initial contact stage through to conclusion and during the process will keep in regular contact with appropriate bodies including but not limited to: Line Manager/ Local Affairs/ HR/ Training Department/ Legal/ Police/ Banks/ Public Prosecutor/CID and Embassies.

  • Case management will also include punctual updating of the EAP in house database (Caseware)and also where appropriate use of E.A.P. Incident Reports and regular updates to relevant stakeholders.

Conduct a specific E.A.P. related orientation in the induction of new joiners and their settlementinto Dubai thus ensuring that they are familiar with the Company procedures, local customs, law and order,social and cultural issues. Provide support and guidance to new joiners enabling them to adapt to their new life, culture and career, enabling them to embrace a new country and culture and promoting mental hygiene.

Be constantly aware of changes to local customs, practices and laws of the UAE, and also keep abreast of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) community internationally and the Airline industry in general

Assist and support employees or family members and/or act as an escort for repatriation or medical treatment overseas – in cases of attempted suicide / self harming / death in service / repatriation of human remains. When necessary, arrange and supervise the packing and shipping/storing of personal belongings specifically to welfare related cases.The

jobholder will also deal with all aspects of trauma and personal tragedies by offering support and assistance to employees and their immediate family members in times of crisis.

Liaise with external authorities such as Prisons, courts, embassies, banks, hospitals, CID, police, and provide assistance to employees and/or immediate families who find themselves in situations where they may be involved with said authorities.Liaise with family members overseas in the event of death, hospitalization, or, with the employee’s consent, when an arrest has been made. Act as a liaison between the family /HR/LA/Govt bodies and medical entities.

Manage, conciliate or mediate between conflicting parties in order to resolve issues and disputes and find a reasonable solution or compromise by way of facilitation.

The E.A.P. Counselor is a first point of contact in cases involving relationship issues and will carry out an initial assessment by meeting concerned parties.Any decision made will be communicated to relevant stakeholders for their necessary action. E.A.P counselor recommends if a client needs to be referred to a clinical psychologist, medical clinic, HR, legal advisor etc.

Develop, implement and regularly update protocols relating to E.A.P. working practices; e.g. sexual assault, rape, death in service, incident reports, alcohol & substance abuse and financial awareness. Will also constantly review ways to educate and raise awareness on emerging and recurring trends such as date rape and drink spiking workshops and drug and alcohol presentations.

Provide 24 hours 7 days/week duty roster coverage, for out of office hours emergencies. This coverage is for employees of the Emirates Group. Act as a focal point for employees ensuring that critical information is addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Jul 2001Sep 2002

Assistant Manager

Red Crescent, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Assist UAE nationals as well as expats in the form of medical needs, finances and shelter.

To support and guide the people who have problems with regards to immigration, hospitals, court and police authorities. Listening, Counseling and providing practical solutions to their problems.

Solicit funds from government authorities in order to provide the people who are in need of education, building house, mosque and others.


Jul 1997Jul 2001


Jul 1997Jul 2000

Bachelor of Science

Al Ain University, Al, United Arab Emirates)


Writing Professional Reports

Emirates Aviation

Drugs Awareness, Mental Health, Motivational Interviewing & Solution Therapy


Development Centre (DC)

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Fundamentals of Problem Solving

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Counselling Skills

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CPR Plus

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Presentation Skills for Enhanced Selling

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Business English Certificate Module 3 to 5

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Effective Business Writing

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Human Relations in Practice

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Najm Suggestions and Nominations(Online)

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Employee Assistance Centre: Anger(Online)

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Cardiac Emergencies

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An Introduction to Cabin Crew world

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Airline Business Foundation Programme (IATA)

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Performance Matters

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Information Systems Protection (Online)

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Grammar Skills: The Parts of Speech (Online/Classroom)

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Basics of Aviation Security (Online/Classroom

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Stress in the Family: A Counselor’s Response


Training on Sexual Assault / Rape / Domestic Violence