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Work experience


Lead Research and Development Engineer

SMACAR Solutions, Inc.

Led a Team of 10+ developers  with the focus on  Deep Learning, Computer Vision/Image Analytics, and Machine Learning.

AR Guiding System  for  Nokia's  Manufacturing line Using Client-Server Architecture (AR Engine optimized for client-server architecture, and Deep Neural Networks for Finding Defects in Manufacturing ).

Cloud-Based Image Recognition Engine,  With Parallel Architecture, and Cuda Enabled ( Highly Scalable 100K+ Images,  98% Accuracy, and 200 ms Speed ).

Marker Based AR Tracking Engine  and optimized for the  mobile platform.

Optimized Neural Network  for Pattern Recognition  in images ( Improved performance from 1200ms to 5ms ).


Image Processing Intern

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

Enhancing the quality of class room board for visually impaired This work involved removing noise from image and effectively segmenting the text from the board and displaying it in a contrasting manner to help the student see better. ( Developed in Java  Android App, and Desktop App )

Circuit Extraction from PCB using Cascade Classifier ( Haar ) to recognizance the electrical Components in OpenCV and reverse engineering circuit schematic digitally.

Bit-stream syntax of the H.264 compression standard with the ultimate goal of applying it to a video streaming application.

• Debugging the differing in performance of Matlab and C Implementation for the same Optical Flow Estimation Algorithm.



B.Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering

SRM University, India
  • Tutor, Java for Android development Course
    • Tutor, Image Processing on Raspberry Pi Course

    Professional Training


    Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Program