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Major:  Child Development

Hometown:  Chico, CA

Class:  Senior

I grew up Chico, California where I attended Notre Dame Catholic School, Marsh Junior High, Chico High School, and Chico State. I have spent my school years participating in various sports ranging from cheerleading to golf, participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering and being the social butterfly that I am. I love spending time with my family and my friends as well as writing, drawing, painting, dancing and traveling. I am very passionate about learning about human behavior, children’s behavior, and human connection in regards to communication. My education at Chico State I have developed years of education based on the understanding of teaching. I know how to apply my knowledge of high quality child development education professionally, and in a variety of settings. I have taken various classes that have enriched my understanding of children’s developmental domains such as cognitive, social & emotional, physical, and language skills. These classes have given me a strong foundations in the discipline of child development. Foundations that are built on the understanding of children’s behavioral development and cognitive functions. This understanding allows me to directly work with children in a variety of contexts in my best ability. I am able to communicate, teach, assess, react, and discipline children appropriately. I can implement lessons that are age- appropriate which encourage physical, emotional, social, and academic growth. I use my knowledge of age appropriate curriculum to support children’s grow and open their minds and hearts to creativity, fun and self-expression. I am a natural born leader, teacher and mentor, which stems from my self-confidence and extroverted personality. I have an innate ability to capture the attention of children and direct creative lessons and games. I am trustworthy, professional, compassionate, and I take my duties and responsibilities very seriously. 

Work experience


Lead Preschool Teacher

Mi Escuelita Maya

Chico, California—

  • developed and presented age-appropriate lesson that encouraged physical, emotional, social, and academic growth with dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm.
  • Developed creative, insightful games, and activities to engage children in a positive and fun way.
  • Demonstrated cultural competency and respect for all children by incorporating their cultural beliefs, language, and familial values into the childcare program and lesson plans.

Lead Preschool Teacher

Bozeman Child Development Center

Bozeman, Montana 

  • Planned and implemented activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the children in the program.
  • Utilized Montana Early Learning Standards when developing lesson plans.
  • Reinforced communication, respect, and interaction between caregivers and parents
  • Developed and maintained documentation and record of children's developmental progress, performance, and areas for improvement.

Owner of Business

V.I.P Event Planning 

 Chico, California—

  • Provided clients with event planning, design, decor, and style.
  • Conceived, organized and executed special events such as birthdays, weddings, and holiday parties.
  • Served as creative director for design, and decor with excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and creative styling.
  • Coordinated budgets and kept track of all finances.
  • Hired staff and entertainment, as well as trained, and acted as a leader to all employees.

Lead Daycare Teacher

Fit One Athletic Club

 Chico, California

  • Implemented various projects and lessons that centered on dramatic play, fine arts, and cognitive development.
  • Directed indoor and outdoor movement games and sport activities.
  • Supported children with one on one tutoring and homework help.
  • Scheduled appointment times, answered phone calls, and kept daily logs of children's attendance.



Child Development

California State University, Chico

Major- Child Development

Minor- Health and Wellness

Other experience


Franks family (2010-present)


Harrison family (2009-present)

Extra Curriculars

  • Member of The Daughters of the American Revolution ( current)
  • Participant in NSE through Chico State University (2015)
  • Volunteer for C.A.V.E  at Chico State (2014-2015)
  • Chico State dance team member (2012)
  • Cheerleader for nine years.
  • Cheerleading coach for DJT ( 2012)
  • Camp counselor for Durham Intermediate School (2010)
  • Volunteer, Enloe Hospital ( 2008-2010)
  • Volunteer, Jesus Center (2008-2010)
  • Volunteer, American Cancer Society (2008-2009)
  • Founder of B.T.C at Chico High (2009)
  • President of Student Government at Chico High (9 years student government experience)
  • Participant in Young life, and bible study (2006-2009)
  • Golf team, (junior high, high school, college)
  • Link Crew leader, peer mentor and CJSF member (junior high)


Assignment Documentation

Professional Responses

Leadership Training Responses