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Inspirational Quote

 "It always seems impossible until its done" - Nelson Mandela 


My name is Mackenzie Paton. Welcome to my ePortfolio. Here you will find all my achievements, from previous work as well as extracurricular activities. My ePortfolio also contains all the needed material by employers, please become familiar with all the content, if you see fit. 

Mission, Vision and Value Statements 


"My goal is to show my professionalism, commitment and passion for the criminal justice system. These factors will be shown through my constant learning, along with practicing exercises relating to the public safety industry. I wish to use my honest and respectful nature to help communities to the best of my ability." 


"To make certain I am well prepared, strongly interested, committed to the public safety. To make certain I am personally prepared to pursue a career in the public safety field." 


"I am a very honest, mature, and hardworking individual. Trust, respect and integrity are very important to me and what I grew up knowing and learning. I am very passionate about the jobs and tasks I am assigned to, I am also very professional in all my workplaces. " 

Resume & Cover Letter 


Sep 2014Apr 2016

Criminal Justice- Policing Diploma 

Lethbridge College
Sep 2010Jun 2014

High school Diploma 

Didsbury High school 

Work experience

Jul 2015Sep 2015


Didsbury Golf Club

 Didsbury, Alberta
Nov 2013Aug 2015


AG Foods

 Didsbury, Alberta
Jun 2013Nov 2013

AG Foods

AG Foods

 Didsbury, Alberta

Volunteer Experience 

2012- Volunteered at a local daycare in Didsbury for a school project. The project was pay it forward. 

2013-2014- I volunteered with my basketball team at the christmas angels in Didsbury. We wrapped presents and created food packages for the less fortunate in Didsbury. 


Problem Solving Skills.       

  • In the jobs I have had, it is important to be able to act on your feet. 

Decision Making Skills 

Strong Communication Skills 

Leadership Skills 

  • I have had a lot of leadership skill experience in high school. I was in leadership class in high school as an extra curricular activity. I also played a leadership role in all the sports I played but a large leadership role on my rugby team. 


Dedicated, Team player, Reliable, Committed, Hard working, Loyal, Intelligent,  Trustworthy, Respectful, Professional, energetic. 

Extracurricular Activities

I play a wide range of sports including, Volleyball, Rugby, and Basketball. 

I do yoga in order to release stress and relax from the day. 

I start my day with some specific workouts with help me start my day, and be ready for the day as well. 


Mary Howden    (403)-335-9595

Cherry Bessey    (403)-335-3356

Henry Paulgaard