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About Me

My name is Mackenzei Uber, I am 16 years old and a junior at Beaver Area High School. I moved to Beaver at the end of my freshman year due to family issues. My parents divorced when I was 14. Besides school and work, I enjoy going to concerts and being a part of multiple fandom's. Fandom's are a group of people dedicated to a specific artist or band. The ones I enjoy being a part of are the One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer fandoms. Through these groups I have met life long friends, and that ability to network is something I am very proud of. Throughout 2014, I have been to 9 concerts, and I have one more before the year ends. Along with all of that, I enjoy softball and bowling. My whole family, even the boys participate in both of those sports. 


Aug 2013Jun 2016


Beaver Area High School

I started at Beaver my sophomore year and will be graduating from there. 

Aug 2003Jun 2013


Blackhawk School District 

I started out here my first grade year and sadly, i moved when my parents divorced at the end of my freshman year. 


Customer Service
 Communication with other people and helping them. 
Problem Solving/Decision Making
Good with solving problems that are thrown at me. Also if a problem occurs and the outcome is based on how the problem is addressed, I am very good at making the best decision for what is best. 
Ability to work with others
I am very good with working in groups and completing group work on time.
Good with computers, can keep up with new and improved technology. 
Meet Deadlines, manages projects, sets goals. 


Mar 2014Aug 2014


Ohioville Softball
During the 2014 season, the Ohioville Titans, a softball team for ages 18 and under played their hearts out. They ended up winning the championship and coming in first place. I am an outfielder and the second basemen for this team. 
Mar 2011Mar 2011

Pepsi Tournament 

The Pepsi Tournament is a bowling tournament for youth bowlers. They qualify to play in this during their regular season and then they have a chance to advance on into the state section. Last year alone over $500,000 was given out in scholarship money. I have competed in this tournament for the past five years. In 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to win this tournament and receive a some amount of money in scholarships. 


Valerie Cochenour

126 Ridge Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 15010 ~ 724-601-1700 ~Brant Hickey Law Offices - Family Friend 

Tami Pavilinich

~ 1318 Market Street Beaver, PA 15009~ 724-775-0712 ~ Toys R' Us ~ Family Friend 

Dona Griffeth

~ 202 Woodbine Drive Beaver, PA 15009  ~ 724-561-2332 ~ Versitech ~ Family Friend