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In my spare time I enjoy running at least 6 miles a morning to get myself ready for the day.

I have a profound love of photography and cinematography so enjoy going to the cinema to see new movies and graphics .

I enjoy rollerblading too, Blading is an extreme sport, I love the adrenalin rush I get when i do it.

Target shooting

I was in the Durham army cadet force, I was asked to join the shooting team.

I went to a place called Bisley where a cadet competition took place, I was then asked to take part in an international competition called the Imperial Meeting.

During a meeting in one of the matches I came 94th in the Duke of Cambridge Shoot.

I have also taken part in smallbore competitions.

Guitar player

I have been playing guitar since 2002 and in that time I have dedicated myself to improving, which resulted in playing gigs around Sunderland.

I started to expand my musical abilities by learning how to sing.  I am doing well and I'm booked to play a gig with some well known bands in 2010.

FREE RUNNING (le parkour)

Ive recently been involved with free running, its a good way to keep up my physical fitness.


I consider myself to be a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, with an excellent record of attendance and punctuality within education and employment.

I have excellent communication skills and a friendly disposition.

I recently completed my senior instructors course in the army cadets which, overall made me comfortable and experienced with talking in front of people; and teaching subjects to the right standard.

I am also a good team player, I have the ability to work independently using my own inititave.

I play a lot of charity gigs in and around the North-East, recently playing the North East England music festival in Sunderland's Mowbray park.

I am also currently in talks with Futureheads and Maximo Park, with the possibility of being a support act for them when they play Ashbrooke in 2010.

Work experience



North East Press

My job at the echo office was to stack the papers into piles of 30, strap them up then put them onto a pallet for distribution.

I initially took on this job to subsidise my living, and college costs. I left the job just before my final submission dates in order to devote as much time as necessary to achieving the best possible grades.


City of Sunderland college

Key Skills

Adult Level 2




Btec First Diploma in Visual and Performing arts          Merit



Pennywell Comprehensive

English Language          E

English Lit                        E

Art                                      C

I.C.T                                  C

Science (dual)                CC

Maths                                D


  I have taught in the the army cadet force in varous locations, such as; Sunderland South detachment, Hedon detachment in Hull and also on Nescliffe Army Barracks on the Welsh border.   It was my responsibility to make sure the students were listening and paying attention to what I was teaching, because of the seriousness of the subject matter. I was teaching first aid and if the student cadets did not understand I would then exercise some other type of teaching method to make it easier, making it more interesting.      


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