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Jan 2008Aug 2009

Associates Degree

Trident Technical College

My time at Trident allowed me to receive a formal introduction to Graphic Design. My first design classes focused on the hands on  elements of design such as sketching, painting, and craftsmanship.  It was there that I learned the importance of conception of ideas and how to create thumbnails and roughs before reaching the final solution to my visual communication problems. After my initial courses, I received training in all of the programs in the adobe CS4 suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver).  I also learned how each of the programs can be used with one another to create different facets of the design ie. vector art,  photos, multipage documents, animation, websites.  I also was able to take digital and manual photography classes.

Aug 2002May 2006

Bachelor's Degree

College of Charleston

During my time at the College of Charleston, I received a solid general education and was able to pursue an interest in French literature as well as Teaching.


My objective is to continue to grow and learn with other creative individuals while using my advanced graphic skills to produce a quality product for agency customers.  Since I began my job in late 2009 at Charleston Home + Design Magazine I have been able to focus on my objective.  My current Job responsibilities include; page layout, creation of ads, photography, video editing, web design and customer service.  I also want to continue to create murals and paintings for local businesses, as well as continue creating and exhibiting my own personal art.


I grew up in Charleston, SC.  Early on, my parents enrolled me in a creative elementary school where I learned painting and drawing as well as how to play the recorder.  In high school I continued to take art classes as well as French classes.  I attended the College of Charleston in 2002. During my time at CofC I was able to learn about teaching and help teach others French through the tutoring job I had obtained.  After my time at the college, I obtained an assistantship with the French Government to teach English in Elementary schools in Marseille.  After my job in France I decided I wanted to learn more about design and how to create art with computers.  I enrolled at Trident Technical College and spent almost two years learning about computer programs and graphic design. During this time,  I also started creating murals for local businesses as a way to express my creativity and gain experience working with clients.


Graphic Design

Work experience

Jul 2008Nov 2009


Granvilles Restaurant and Catering

  Job responsibilities include food service,  food preparation, organizing and executing set up and break down of events, and leading a team of individuals as well as following instructions. Granvilles has been an excellent opportunity for me to work with others as a team while learning communication and leadership skills through executing large scale events such as weddings and corporate functions.  I work closely with the chef, cooks, event planners, and my team to ensure that all aspects of the event run on time, smoothly and accordingly.   

Nov 20092013

Senior Graphic Designer

New Home Charleston

I am currently employed as a Graphic Designer for Charleston Home + Design Magazine.

My current Job responsibilities include (but are not limited to); page layout, creation of ads, photography, video editing, web design, radio editing and customer service.

Please feel free to view the spring issue of the magazine online at:

Aug 2006Jun 2007

English Teaching Assistant

French Government

Employed in a French elementary school as an assistant for English Conversation Classes. I taught students ages 8-10. Marseille, France. Job responsibilities included activities with children, lesson and curriculum planning. Assistantship obtained through the French Embassy in Washington, DC.

Jan 2002May 2006

French Tutor

College of Charleston

Certified French Tutor (CRLA certification) working at the Foreign Languages Tutoring Lab – Center for Student Learning – Cof C.  During this time I was able to obtain my degree from the college while helping teach other students French. I helped students from all levels of French, and learned important communication skills and teaching techniques.  Director - Steve Gibson, Center for Student Learning(843) 953 5635 / [email protected]


I also enjoy shooting freelance photography and have my own equipment.   I specialize in interior/architectural photography. Working for Charleston Home + Design magazine for 4 years, I go on many photo shoots a day where I shoot a variety of subjects including interior/exteriors, people and products. I feel that I possess good spatial skills as well as close attention to detail when shooting for clients.  Please feel free to view samples of my architectural photography on my page.   I have photographed many weddings and corporate events in Charleston, SC. I am comfortable working with other photographers and have assisted as well as lead photo shoots. I have experience shooting group shots, head shots, couples and environmental portraiture.          
Certified French Tutor
Certified to tutor in all levels of French.
Software InDesign Photoshop Illustrator Final Cut & iMovie Garageband Flash Dreamweaver Microsoft Word Languages French English