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For most of my life, I've been told the secret of happiness is to "do what I love, and love what I do." Until I found my passion for journalism, I thought it was just a cute little saying that would never come true.

I've been writing for years. When I was younger, I'd pen long winded imaginative stories and sell them for 25 cents to my parents. In elementary school, creative writing was by far my favourite class. In high school, I had a fantastic English teacher who recognized the spark I had for writing, and fostered it into a flame for telling other people's stories instead of just my own.

It was a short jump from high school English to Pre Journalism at the University of Regina. I always sort of knew I had two options if I wanted to fit my education to my planned job (ie. writing for a living) - I could take an English degree, or I could try to get into the School of Journalism. Teaching wasn't something that appealed to me, and a few sociology classes during the two years of pre-j showed me that there are thousands of people who need their stories told - so Journalism it was.

During my internship at the Estevan Mercury, my love for the craft of journalism was cemented. I discovered a passion for human interest stories, and learned that I had the ability to cover a wide range of topics, from sports to court. The variety in my daily work was the cherry on top of the proverbial ice cream of writing for living, and now I know that "doing what I love and loving what I do" is not only possible, it's well within reach.

Volunteer Experience

November 2006 – March 2007  Manor Community Rink        Manor, SK

Figure Skating Coach

Planned and executed lessons for children ages 2 to 8, including creating a routine for the end-of-year show where the students showed their parents and friends what they’d learned during the season.

April 2007                                Union Rescue Mission              Los Angeles, CA

Soup Kitchen Server

Prepared, served, and cleaned up the breakfast and lunch meals.  Interacted with the homeless, treating them with the respect and dignity they deserved. 

November 2008                      Wascana SIAST                      Regina, SK

Winter Carnival Volunteer

Took care of the ball toss activity at the Winter Carnival for school-aged children.  Interacted with the children, encouraged them to keep trying, and handed them prizes when they were successful.  Interacted with parents.

February – March 2009          Allan Richie Wellness Centre    Regina, SK

Student Volunteer

Sorted, tagged, and bagged clothes for the Clothing Drive.  Played games and did crafts with the children while interacting with them and their parents.  Prepared a snack mid-morning for the children, fed them, and cleaned up the kitchen.  Helped set up and clean up the Winter Fest in March ’09.  During the Winter Fest I divided my time between serving coffee and hot chocolate and running the Obstacle course activity for the children. 

September 2009                  Journalists For Human Rights          Regina, SK


JHR's goal is to make everyone in the wold fully aware of their rights. Creating rights awareness is the first and most necessary step to ending rights abuses. By mobilizing the media to spread human rights awareness, JHR informs people about human rights, empowering marginalized communities to stand up, speak out, and protect themselves.

Work experience

Seasonal Reporter
Apr 2013Present

Reporter / Photographer

Fort Qu'Appelle Times

General beat reporter and photographer for a weekly newspaper with a distribution of 13,000. I am the only reporter on staff. I write a weekly column and editorial piece in addition to my regular reporting and photography duties.

Jun 2011Sep 2012

Assistant Producer

Partners in Motion

Researcher and Coordinator for a six-episode premier season of EDGE OF WAR; produced for the Military Channel and HistoriaTV

Researcher and assistant producer for a ten-episode season of CRIME STORIES 9; produced for Canal D and Discovery ID USA (re-versioned as BLOOD, LIES AND ALIBIS for broadcast on Discovery ID USA)

Assistant producer for three episodes of IPROPHESY: The Future Revealed; produced for VISIONTV

Sep 2010Apr 2011

Opinion/Editorial Editor

Carillon Newspaper

Aside from my duties as op/ed editor, I also write weekly news stories.

Jan 2010May 2010

Reporter / Photographer

Estevan Mercury


Brad Brown

Mr. Brown is the former Sports Editor for the Estevan Mercury. I worked with him during my time there, where he was my direct supervisor.

Chad Saxon

Portrait Session

Other Photography


Sep 2007Apr 2011

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

University of Regina

Print Samples


Web Design
I have experience creating websites with programs such as DreamWeaver and Wix.   An example of my work can be found at: : This is the website for the Advanced Broadcast Radio Show, 29:45, created in my final semester of journalism school. I was part of a two-person team responsible for creating the website, and I was in charge of all the updates.   I am self taught in HTML web designing.