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  • became Queen in 1558 at 25 years old
  • daughter of Henry the 8th, and lost mom at age 2. 
  • ruled for half a century (44 years)
  • Known for preserving english peace and stability 
  • never agreed to marriage because of issues she saw in her family, so known as the virgin queen 
  • loved music, dancing, fashion, and plays 

Work experience

Queen of England 

Queen Elizabeth 1
  • first introduced by going to courts to see her father Henry VIII rule. Her intelligence and education helped her be known as one of the smartest woman in her time. 
  • She had a tough life growing up with deaths, bankrupt nation, arrests in her family so she learned a lot about surviving the dangers in life. 
  • known for preserving peace and stability in England. 
  • passed the Act of Supremacy which replaced the Act of Supremacy issued by her father in 1534. This confirmed Elizabeth as Supreme Governor of the Church of England with out her saying she was. Many did not like this because they did not trust a woman ruling the church.
  • the Act of Uniformity which is any person taking public or church office in England must promise to the monarch as Supreme Governor of the Church of England. 
  • The same Act of Supremacy was passed in Ireland 
  • She gave a famous speech called the parliament or known as the "Golden Speech" and was a reflection about the riots on food shortages. 


Crispin van de Passe I


Passe I created a drawing of Elizabeth I, and said, "This lovely engraving is a typical example of its kind. Engravings of the queen often prefaced books, thus spreading her image into English homes and beyond England."

Nicholas Hilliard  


Hilliard's portrait of Elizabeth I is a great example he believes to show some of her views and beliefs. This portrait shows stylization of the Queen. She wore two clips of crowns on her shoulder. One for France, and the other for England. The pelican shows charity and redemption. It reminds the English of her selfless love. This is what Hilliard wanted to show in his portrait  her love for England and how she portrays it on her clothing.