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To secure a position in a challenging and dynamic Torah institution, where my knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and rich experience will help complement and enhance its mission and vision. 


Educational Leadership

My mission is to create a unique religious and educational experience where my talmidim are inspired toward a lifelong commitment to Torah observance, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Guiding Principles

1) Daas Torah:  Philosophies, goals, and operational guidelines

2) Individualization:  Nurturing each individual to fulfill 100% of his potential by inspiring the heart, mind, and soul of every student

3) Excellence: Providing an outstanding Judaic and Secular education

4)  Ahavas Yisrael-love of Israel--embracing the land of Israel, and all fellow Jews

Expected Results 

1) To live a life guided by Torah

        ·To be committed to fulfilling the code of Jewish law

        ·To be committed to Torah learning as a life-long pursuit

2) To be a Mentch (a person of good character)

        ·To deal with the world with derech eretz - respect, honesty, and integrity  

        ·To develop a strong sense of self without arrogance

          ·To show gratitude to Hashem and others

3)To be a well-balanced and well-educated student in both Judaic and Secular studies

         ·To aspire to higher education in both Torah and Secular studies at the best Yeshivos and universities

         ·To communicate clearly, precisely, and logically, both orally and in written form

          ·To develop strong and independent study, research, and critical thinking skills

Educational Philosophy

Rashi, in explaining the words "Elokai Haruchos" (Bamidbar, 27:16), quotes the Medrash Tanchuma: "Master of the World! The personality of each individual is revealed to you, they do not resemble each other. Appoint a leader who can put up with each individual according to his personality." These words imply that the future leader (Yehoshua) is one who must know the importance of appreciating the uniqueness of the spirit of each individual.

To truly educate, one needs to “educate the whole individual.” A educator needs to understand the student as a whole being, one with varied strengths and weaknesses in such areas as educational and coping skills, as well as a range of psychological, social, and emotional functioning. An educator needs to create a fostering environment; one that is warm, caring, understanding, and flexible, where life skills may be taught that will permit the individual to succeed at life.

The scientist Ashley Montagu, in the research paper The Humanization of Man, writes: “...the awesome power of human love is the single most important force in shaping our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.” This must be at the core of every educator, teacher, and administrator in whose care a child has been placed.

An educator must keep in mind the goals for the individual within the scope of their lives, and not merely the time they will be spending in the educational institution.

A strong academic program is a must. Every student must be encouraged and given the opportunity to reach his academic potential. Students must be taught a curriculum that is diverse as well as challenging. A curriculum that will develop the learning skills and academic tools to serve as a foundation in their pursuit of a career and a contributing member of society.

A student's sense of competency, self-worth, and discipline are all either fostered or undermined directly by their academic environment and experiences. My goal is always to facilitate the latter and proactively address the former.

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Principal of Secular Studies

Mesivta Chofetz Chaim
  • Elevated the academic program by raising levels of expectation and accountability.
  • Introduced daily teacher supervision.
  • Developed and implemented new, exciting and challenging elements to the curriculum.
  • Held students accountable for academic performance.
  • Introduced school / parent communication model where parents are apprised of daily/weekly performances.
  • Increased awareness and importance of post high school education while providing counseling and guidance.
Aug 2002Aug 2011


Yeshiva of Greater Washington

Menahel of Boys middle school and high school grades 7-12.

Accepted the challenge to revive a failing school which had lost its viabilty as an academic institution and was on the verge of closing.

Today it is a thriving community-based institution and is the school of choice for the segment of the community it serves.

  • Increased enrollment by 65%.
  • Provided visionary and energetic leadership to community-based school, reestablishing morale, commitment, and credibility (see testimonials by Mrs. Dasher and Mrs. Katz).
  • Elevated the academic program by raising levels of expectation and accountability. Created inclusive leadership model involving faculty and staff in decision making (see testimonials by Rabbi Rosenbaum and Mrs. Patty Lemere).
  • Empowered faculty to achieve professional growth, and to be innovative and creative in instructional methods and classroom management (see testimonial by Rabbi Idstein, Asst. Principal).
  • Created a positive learning environment in which students could develop and grow (see "Student Validation" and listen to the Yom Siyum audio).
  • Introduced creative and exciting programs to help develop a strong school spirit (see photos below).
Aug 1998Jul 2002

Assistant Principal

Valley Torah High School
  • Implemented a stable and productive administrative structure that made the school a viable and  competitive option.
  • Introduced cutting edge educational programs, such as Schools Attuned, Inclusion, and In-house counseling.
  • Increased enrollment 35%.
  • Provided a model of supervision of students promoting accountability and personal responsibility, and raising self esteem.
  • Designed and implemented a revised and updated curriculum.
  • Implemented methods and procedures for assessing and evaluating students.


Nicon Construction
  • Co-founded a construction company with outstanding reputation for integrity and quality.
  • Responsibilities included: solicitating of contracts, scheduling and coordinating trades, on-site supervision, and quality control.

Special Education Teacher

Etta Israel Center, Kesher Division

Kesher is for physically and cognitively challenged children who are unable to be mainstreamed into Day Schools and Yeshivot.

  • Developed Torah-oriented pedagogical exercises that enabled instructors to connect with severely challenged children.
  • Created a warm, welcoming, and educationally productive atmosphere, which would prove to be the highlight of the student’s week.
  • On a weekly basis we met, laughed, learned, played, and grew together.

Assistant Principal – Secular Studies

Magen David Yeshiva

·    Elementary K-8 with 350 students. Responsibilities included; schedules, teacher observation and evaluation, discipline, and review of curriculum with complete update of textural resources. 


Grade 8



Rabbi Yehosua Mosak

Bachelor of Arts

Rabbinical Seminary of America (Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim)


At every management position that I have held, I have been able show great improvements in productivity, efficiency, and quality. My natural sense of organization and systematic structure has vastly improved the institutions, enabling them to run more smoothly and effectively.
Through my leadership abilities I have been able to provide a vision and purpose to my staff. I have the unique ability to put people in positions where they can succeed, thus enabling them to be happy and ultimately extremely productive players. I motivate and inspire them to go beyond their "Island of competency" and to stretch themselves to heights they never felt they could attain.   Through my own strong work ethic, commitment, and sacrifice, I model and set an example of expectation of the highest standards throughout the institution. 
I have a reputation for being a passionate, engaging, and very clear speaker. In addition to speaking at school events I  have given the Shabbos Drasha dozens of times at local Shuls.
Hebrew Language

Recruitment Tools

Student Validation


Academics, Warmth & Excitement



Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Services

Lookstein Center at Bar-Ilan University Principals' Training Program


Harvard Graduate School of Education Principals' Center


Torah Umesorah Principals' Fellowship Member

Torah Umesorah

Schools Attuned

Schools Attuned, Los Angeles California
May 1986May 1989


Emergency Medical Technician

Community Service

Founder , Developer, and Supervisor of Avos Ubanim

Saturday night program serving the Greater Washington area, grades 1-8. Today there are over 70 boys who attend on a regular basis.

Valley Pirchei Agudas Yisroel - North Hollywood California

 Director. Founded,developed and supervised programs for boys and grades1-6

Director/Coordinator, Tomchei Shabbos of the Valley, North Hollywood, CA.

Created, developed, and supervised .

Member, Board of Directors - Valley Torah High School


Personal Growth, Learning, Eretz Yisroel, Reading, Sports, Gardening, Traveling, Physical Fitness (sometimes)