• New London, Ohio
Juliana Hicks

Juliana Hicks

Student at New London High School


  • High honor roll student, GPA of 3.9
  • Taking advanced classes and college classes.
  • Highest priorities are school and work.
  • Like to learn new skills and put those skills to work.
  • Very reliable, friendly, hardworking, and honest.
  • Make sure people can rely on me to be at work and help if I am needed.

Work History

Work History

General Crew

Mar 2016 - Present
  • Worked with customers to ensure accuracy for their food orders.¬†
  • Developed customer service skills and how to get along with others in a work environment.
  • Worked efficiently to get people their meals quickly.
  • Maintained high set standards of customer service.
  • Worked the cash register and handled customer payments.


2010 - Present
Girl Scouts
  • Worked multiple concession stands with troop.
  • Has ensured customers got what they asked for.
  • Handled money and ensured people got the correct amount of change back.
  • Developed how to handle customers in a busy environment.



High School Diploma

Aug 2006 - Present
New London High School

College Credit Plus Classes

Aug 2015 - Present
Lorain County Community College



Customer Service 

  • Attained these skills while working at McDonald's and concession stands.
  • Can work well and handle customers well.
  • Friendly and can get along well with pretty much anybody.

Volunteer Work

  • I have been in my Girl Scout troop for 11 years. We have done volunteer work in those 11 years.
  • Visited nursing home to give gifts and work with the elders.
  • demonstrated and guided younger Girl Scout troops on how to make crafts and with new information


  • Like to develop/learn new skills.
  • To learn new information and test myself on that information.
  • Able to learn and process information quickly


  • Able to work in teams.
  • Able to get work done with others.
  • Can work well with others and get along with people well.