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Work experience

Jun 2009Present


WattNext Inc.

Founded company to create infrastructure marrying electric car charging to smart grid connected, distributed, solar power generation. The company is still an early start-up, and serves a challenging, infant-stage market. Success markers include development of quality supply chain relationships and early brand recognition, including by the Orlando Economic Development Commission. WattNext is an authorized installer for multiple product lines of electric vehicle charging stations.

Jan 2011Present


Approximately two years of research and writing resulted in the publication of a book, targeting the general reader, that explains the economic folly and environmental risks of current fossil fuel favoring energy policy. Empty Tank Empty Wallet is available on Amazon. Additional energy/economics/environment discussion ongoing at

Oct 2013Aug 2014


Florida Congressional District 10

Ran for office on a platform with heavy emphasis on the economic and environmental cost of continued dependence on fossil fuels. Campaign relied on volunteer effort and funding from small contributors. Was defeated in the August 2014 primary.

Apr 2008Apr 2014


RubeLab Inc.

Founding member of this 501c-3 non-profit environmental technology business incubator. Served as public spokesman. Actively engaged with organization's creative efforts.

Organization created in recognition of community need to find a new core economic base along with the universal need to apply technology to solve environmental problems. Successfully incorporated  and achieved IRS 501c-3 status. Received favorable initial congressional action on a federal appropriation to fund a local demonstration project for developing electric vehicle support infrastructure. This project unfortunately fell victim to Washington budget battles.

Jan 2009Jan 2013

City Commissioner

City of Eustis, FL

Elected member of five person city governing board. Also served on regional transportation planning board, the Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Chairman Lake-Sumter MPO bicycle-pedestrian advisory committee, one of three standing committees.

Successfully advocated for greater consideration of environmental issues, particularly as related to energy and transportation in city planning and codes. A greener planning and development path was adopted, and serious effort is being made to incorporate bicycle/pedestrian mobility and to create a commuter rail link with Orlando.

Apr 2005Mar 2008


A Third Place

"A Third Place," a 265 seat restaurant/venue, was a popular gathering place, employing approximately forty people. Now, several years after closure, former customers still frequently say they miss the place.



A&F Financial Securities Inc.

NASD Registered Securities Representative, Registered General Securities Principal, Registered Options Principal, marketing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Nov 1972Sep 2004


Delta Airlines

Various pilot assignments, including captain on Boeing 777. Check Captain (standardization) on Boeing 767 international. Local (Boston) council chairman Air Line Pilots Association 

Elected local union leader of a 300 member base pilot group. Provided clear and concise communications by writing and publishing a newsletter. Conducted effective union meetings. As a member of the airline master council, was respected as a common sense advocate for pilot interests. Following protracted negotiations, agreement was reached on a master pilot contract that served both pilot and company interests. Re-elected. Later selected by company management to serve as a standardization pilot. Conducted final in-flight instruction and certification of pilots qualifying on international over-water routes.

Jan 1979Jan 1986

School Board member, chairman

School District, Hollis, New Hampshire

Served on five-member governing board, including two years as chairman. Was lead negotiator on behalf of School District for two interim teacher contract modifications and for one master contract. Developed and led District energy conservation effort following the first (1979) oil price shock.

The budget impact of a sudden increase in fuel and electricity prices, caused by Middle East conflict, threatened compromise of the educational program. Led effort that resulted in many practical, energy conservation projects and significantly reduced energy usage. Led a team of three mechanical engineers (all community volunteers) that oversaw implementation of the second largest federal grant in the state for a solar heat installation in the Hollis Middle School.

Dec 1966Dec 1971


United States Navy

Aircraft Commander P3 antisubmarine warfare aircraft



Harvard Extension School

Making sense of Adam Smith, Karl Marx and ancient Mesopotamia


Boston University

Continuation of business study

Jan 1972Oct 1972

Penn State University

Transportation Policy area of interest—MBA incomplete due to start of Airline Pilot career

Sep 1962Dec 1966

Mechanical Engineering

Penn State University


Policy Development/Leadership
Twice elected and served on a local school board. Twice elected and served in pilot union leadership. Elected and served in municipal government. Ran (unsuccessfully) for seat in U.S. House of Representatives.
Public Speaking
Comfortable speaking and welcome the opportunity, to speak to groups on environmental issues and on the economics and technology of energy use. Proficient with presentation software and skilled at developing content well matched to the audience.
Empty Tank Empty Wallet is factually accurate, up-to-date, and readable. Additional content is available at
Hands-on mechanical
Lifelong do-it-yourself-er. Designed and built home solar water and space heating system in northern climate house. Designed and supervised numerous energy conservation projects for school system. High performance kit-built aircraft project nearing completion. Installed plug-in conversion for Toyota Prius.
Financial Analysis
Becoming an NASD Registered Options Principal required a good understanding of financial concepts, including financial derivatives.
General Business
Most of the MBA curriculum and lots of real-world training as a restaurant owner/operator.
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering fundamentals, including thermodynamics.


Seeking a position in a forward thinking organization that values bringing lower environmental impact technology into everyday use. Would consider any level position if my talents are well used and the mission is compatible with my worldview with regard to the importance of addressing the greenhouse gas issue. Would be very eager to work on projects that ultimately result in greater use of electric vehicles and greater use of distributed storage and power generation (particularly solar). See great potential in Smart Grid technology for integration of these two.


A lifelong interest in energy, transportation and political issues led me to finally put all the collected tidbits of knowledge into a book. Empty Tank Empty Wallet, published in 2013, accurately describes energy and climate reality in the United States. It offers, in accessible, lay-reader terms, a strategy for creating smarter energy policy. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that the most vexing and threatening challenge of our time—anthropogenic climate change—must be dealt with by employing technology to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

I have a unique skill set that would contribute to the mission of organizations (public and private) building the new energy economy. I am most interested in the challenge of communicating the urgency of the climate problem as well as the scale of opportunity possible if enabled by smart policy.