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Working with New Technology - Game Changers

Sales Management, Marketing Management, Business Development

Business Modeling and Development of Trade

Future Energy Solutions - Green Design/Build - Sustanability

Travel, Cultural Interest, Philanthropy, Art


Seeking new employment opportunity as Senior Executive with an emphasis in business development, sales, and marketing. Able to relocate worldwide but prefer US and other primarily English speaking countries.


Engaging business innovator : self directed, motivated, and a fluid C - Suite enabler.

Exhibits tremendous leadership and the ability to combine analytical rigor with innovation and creativity. Masterful relationship architect with strong group collaboration skill, possessing game changing business acumen coupled with a broad enterprise marketing background ranging from technology to luxury lifestyles. Possess a stable work history, have performed global applications, and is multi-industry experienced.Is a self directed team builder with hands on work ethic; will travel, will relocate. 


Market Share  •  Emerging Markets  •  Global Trade Initiatives  •  Business Development Accelerate Innovation  •  Startup  •  Revenue Generation  •  Profit/Loss  •  Strategic PlannningPartnerships  •  Collaboration  •  Campaign Development  •  Oversight  •  Enterprise MarketingCommunications  •  Investor & Public Relations  •  Brand Marketing  •  Digital Media

Sales Management • Marketing Management • Capital Development • Team Building     


Forward Vision - Thought Leader
Possess a keen ability to look beyond the present business environment to visualize a desired outcome and anticipate the challenges beyond the horizon. Calculated risk taker, bold decision maker, execution skills.
High Learning Aptitude - Boardroom Reasoning
Possess an evenly balanced boardroom level reasoning ability and mindset for technology and management, including human connecting skills. Able to easily adapt to new environments, business models, and technology sectors. Very strong problem solving and reasoning skills.
Trusted Relationship Architect
Able to connect on a human level with CXO level executives and able to garner high levels of trust. Practice high ethics, loyalty, honest and open communication.
Consensus Builder
A passionate consensus builder who manifests stellar results in self and others, and conducts business with the highest integrity. Lead facilitator and steward of resources bringing together people of diverse backgrounds to achieve common goals.
Human Element Leadership
Fluidly leads others with sincere human element focus. Leads by intuition and with humility, embraces diversity and encourages inclusion.
Business Strategy and Development
Highly proficient market development skills with extremely high strategic business intuition for business planning.

Work experience

May 2010Present

Capital/Business Development and Revenue

Self Directed Engagement

Practicing Business Framework Modeling : Revenue Generation : Investigation and analysis of client’s current business structure for peak business operation. Provide precise critical analysis of effectiveness for Business Development, Enterprise Marketing, and Sales Model for revenue optimization. Apply lead funding application analysis, executive oversight, P&L leadership, business sector budget reconciliation and compliance. Define scope of deliverable market options, performance improvements, and adding market share. Multinational in application.


Vice President of Marketing

Jenks Inc Realty

Regional real estate firm specialized in offering development properties and investment/recreational tracts. Was brought into the company as an independent executive to lead fiscal decision making for developing the corporate marketing budget for the master planned communities division. Oversight for brand management, media content, profit and loss, public relations, campaign development, and target audience. Collaborated with outside agencies for auxiliary creation and fulfillment of advertisements, media publications, production, and distribution of collateral materials. Performed contract negotiation/design and financial analysis/reporting.


Broker - Senior Sales Executive

Cliffs Communities, Inc.

The Cliffs is a collection of 8 luxury master planned communities offering a full suite of luxury amenities. Was brought into the company as independent sales executive for sales and marketing of developer owned land and homes in the luxury real estate market. Developed and managed relationships with high net worth clients, developed and executed strategic marketing and sales plans. performed sales and marketing management, customer relations. Assisted in land development, site engineering, building compliance, master site plans.



Self Employed C - Level Consultant

Served as an independent advisor to CXO level executives by delivering project based management consulting on private engagement to quietly aide in restructuring their company’s major markets, sales force models, and marketing departments. Performed critical business analysis, business modeling, and project design. Challenged status quo, created new action plans, and managed deployment for results. Oversight of profit and loss, budgeting, group collaboration, offshoring and global trade initiative implementation. Performed sales and marketing management, customer relations.



Global Equipment Sales, Inc.

Internet start-up firm designed and created for the construction equipment rental business. GES, Inc. was an industry first E-Commerce secure transaction web based rental company. Served shareholder's interest in senior managment capacity by providing oversight of all business planning, finance/revenue, profit and loss, personnel, global sales, global marketing, distribution, and investor relations. Designed a proprietary transaction software business model and then engaged programmers to build the scalable infrastructure programs. Lead negotiator and contract strategist, developed global trade initiatives. Charged with design and content of annual financial report, quarterly balance sheets, chart of accounts, etc.


Sales Development Professional

Hewlett Packard Company

Multiple upwardly progressive sales development positions across various disciplines; Mainframes, PC's, Distributions, Enterprise, and Strategic Modeling.

  • Sales Engineer - Commercial Systems Division  - Mainframe Computers
  • Dealer Sales Executive - Personal Computer Division - PC's, Peripherals
  • Distributor Sales Executive - Distribution Group - National PC Distributors
  • Relationship Manager -  Enterprise Systems Group - Financial Services Sector
  • Strategic Relationship Liason - Strategic Business Group - Financial Services Sector



Hewlett Packard Company

Participant of the senior management mentor education program awarded to select HP employees,  a cummulative 18 month training curriculum, certificate based: covered business management, administration, finance, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales. Was taught remotely at HP Corporate Center by Stanford University professors.


Clemson University


SC Registered Professional Forester


SC Registerd Real Estate Broker