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Research Areas:  Electrochemistry and corrosion applications in IC chip manufacturing process, developing and characterizing electrocatalysts for fuel cells and water splitting processes & thin film characterization methods. 


To build a career in semiconductor industry


Jan 2008Mar 2011


University of North Texas

Seedless Cu electroplating on unconventional diffusion barrier substrates; Cu  corrosion in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and post-CMP solution environments and evaluation of variety of Cu corrosion inhibitors using microscopic, surface analysis and electrochemical technologies;

Study of plasma processing on Cu surfaces and dielectrics

Aug 2005Dec 2007


University of North Texas

Master's Thesis on "FTIR-ATR Characterization of Hydrogel, Polymer Films, Protein Immobilization AND Benzotriazole Adsoprtion on Cu Surface"

Work experience

Jun 2004Jun 2005

Process Supervisor

Hyderabad Electroplating Ltd.

Supervised and worked for improving bath chemistry to provide smooth and quality metal finishing in the following areas: Chrome plating, Nickel plating, Nitriding, Copper plating, Anodizing, Electro-polishing.