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Good Communication
I am very friendly and polite with people while keeping a formal tone. I am also taking a Public Speaking course in high school.
Computer Networking
I hook up my computers and get them connected to the internet and also establish wireless internet on all of our laptops. I constantly diagnose and resolve the problems found in my interenet connection.
Microsoft Applications and Web Design
Intrinsic knowledge on microsoft applications such as Microsoft word 2007 and web design such as Facebook and Myspace.
Computer Aided Drafting
Inherent knowledge on drafting through the use of computers.



Overall, I have many things i am currently doing in order to better prepare myself for the future. I also will be completing many more things over the course of this year. I hope my college experience is a fun and successful one.


Get accepted into Virginia Tech to improve my skills in technology and engineering soI will be successful in my future career and be able to support myself and my family.


I am interested in the engineering and technology field. To be more specific, computer networking and engineering. I am always fixing my interenet connection at home and i enjoy doing so, since my parents are very ignorant towards technology. I also have a strong interest in soccer and I have been playing for approximately 5 years.



I am on the A/B Honor Roll and have been for most of my life. I was recently inducted into Mu Alpha Theta which is the mathematical equivalent of National Honor Society. I am going for an Advanced Diploma and currently in the Engineering and Technology Magnet program.


Academic Preparation

Electronics 1 & 2

H Math Analysis & AP Calculus BC

Architecture Drawing

A/B Honor Roll

Honors and Advance Placement