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Research - Cognitive Sciences, Social Sciences
Communications Theory & Application
Written Spanish
Spanish - Structural Analysis
Linguistic Analysis
English Mastery (USA/UK)
Applied Linguistics


Academic Memberships01/2001

  • The National Dean's List
  • Golden Key International Honour Society
  • National Exemplary Scholars in Service
  • The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Gamma Beta Phi Society


English Mastery (USA/UK) | Composition, Rhetoric, & Linguistic Analysis  Spanish | Written Composition, Comprehension, & Linguistic Analysis Latin | Etymology & Root Analysis (e.g. Medical Terminology)


Dr. Thomas Sloane

116E E Moore Hall, PO Box 6411, Morgantown, WV, 26506

Civil Service

Hurricane Katrina Relief (204.5 Hours)05/2007

  • Camp Biloxi|Biloxi, Mississippi|New Orleans, Louisiana

Meritorious and Distinguished Service Award11/1999

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars: VFW Post 3408


Academic Award for Scholastic Excellence01/2001

  • West Virginia University

Certificate of Achievement04/2002

  • West Virginia University | Golden Key International Honour Society

National Dean's List Honoree04/2002

  • West Virginia University | The National Dean's List

Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship2001, 2002, 2007

  • President & Dean of West Virginia University | WVU: School of Medicine

Tools & Technology

Website Development & Content Management

  • WordPress, 1&1 Content Management System (MySQL, CGIs, Dynamic Site Creator, Website Builder, FormBuilder, Web Space Explorer), WISE-FTP, Adobe GoLive CS2, Microsoft ActiveSync, Allway Sync, SyncCell, PDF2Web, Hello Engines Professional, Ranking Toolbox, Google Webmaster Tools & Apps, Weebly, DNS Configuration

Media & Desktop Publishing

  • Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc.), Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Audition, Reader, GoLive, etc.), WordPress Blogging System, AVS Media Suite (Audio-Video Recorder, Converter, & Editor), PureVoice, PhoTags, HP Image Zone, Sephonics, Transcriber, LogoTrans Linguist

Systems Management & Optimization

  • Glary Utilities, Disk SpeedUp, miniMIZE, Quick Startup, Absolute Uninstaller, CCleaner, UniBlue RegistryBooster, ProcessScanner

Project Management & Project Collaboration

  • Redmine, Ilium Keep Track, Cashboard, Bamboo Invoicing, Deerborn, Dropbox, Skype


Expertise: Education Industry Knowledge, Linguistics Theory, ESL Methods, ESL Theory, TESL, TESOL, Spanish Structure, Psycholinguistics, Linguistic Psychology, Sociolinguistics, Phonology, Phonetics, Language Typology, Research Methodology: Cognitive Sciences - Social Sciences, Communications, Language & Communications Strategy, Writing & Rhetoric, English Mastery (USA/UK), Cognition Theory, Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Ergonomics, Computational Linguistics (CL), Stratification Linguistics, Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (SPSG), Role and Reference Grammar (RRG), Semantics, Pragmatics, Morphology, Internet Industry Knowledge, Advertising, Marketing, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI/CHI), User Experience (UX), Media Studies, 

Skills: Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Analysis, TESL, TESOL, English Mastery (USA/UK), Spanish, Syntactic Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Writing Analysis, Structural Analysis: English/Spanish, Phonological Analysis, Phonetic-IPA Transcription,  Translation: English/Spanish, Technical Writing, Business Writing, Blog Writing, Copywriting, Cognition Research, Social Research, Information Management, Content Management, Web Development, Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Multidisciplinary Integration, User-Centered Design (UCD), Goal-Oriented Organizational Design (GOOD), 

Work experience

Marketing Representative

Vector Marketing
  • Personified company's mission statement during direct marketing campaigns
  • Conducted product promotions, sales reporting, and various liaison duties
Aug 2005Present

  • Assembled, mobilized, and marketed a globally-dispersed databank of freelance contractors
  • Designed and constructed the front-end facets during multiple web development projects
  • Administrated multiple project management and content management systems
  • Executed all entrepreneurial tasks and managerial directives
Aug 2010Present

Marketing, Communications & Language Strategist | Site Admin

Valley Soccer Academy
  • Cultivated company's web presence via various channels using Integrated Marketing strategies
  • Directed all operations regarding sales, marketing, advertising, and information technology
  • Developed, designed, configured, and administrated all websites & e-commerce systems
  • Analyzed and assessed linguistic elements for implementing call-to-action strategies
  • Core Responsibilities: Web Development, Website Design, Web Administration, E-Commerce Systems Management, Information Management, DNS Configuration, MX Record Configuration, A Record Configuration, Name Server Configuration, Marketing Management, Marketing Campaign Creation & Implementation, Linguistic Analysis & Strategy, Language Strategies, Communications
Sep 2008Jun 2009

Language & Communications Strategist

Shockwave Labs
  • Cultivated company's web presence via various channels using Integrated Marketing strategies
  • Successfully negotiated for the implementation of audience-centered design & UCD protocols
  • Strengthened marketing advantage by enlisting Psycholinguistics & Sociolinguistics lenses
  • Directed all formal chains of communication (internal and external) 
May 2003Aug 2005

Groundsman Associate

Davey Experts Inc. | Nelson Inc.
  • Identified, diagnosed, and diverted interruptions in the northern New Jersey power grid
  • Envisioned site-specific characteristics for devising resource-allocation strategies


Aug 2008May 2010

Master of Arts

West Virginia University: Department of Foreign Languages


Sep 2010Present

Education Industry Knowledge

PreVisor Inc. | ID# 7201628
Jan 2008Present

Written English (USA/UK)

PreVisor Inc. | ID# 7201628
Jan 2008Present

Listening Comprehension (USA/UK)

PreVisor Inc. | ID# 7201628
Jan 2008Present

Interpersonal Communications

PreVisor Inc. | ID# 7201628
Oct 2005Present

Human Participant Protections Education

West Virginia University: Research Compliance Office
May 2002Present

Intercultural Communications

WVU: Communication Studies & Intensive English Program
Jan 2007Present

Occupational Safety and Health Training (OSHA-EP)

West Virginia University School of Medicine
May 2002Present

HIPAA Training: Customer Service, Confidentiality, Compliance, & Security

WVU Hospitals