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I am a highly skilled senior engineer with a passion for new technologies and innovation. For all these years I have been successfully architecting, implementing and delivering software solutions for tourism, automotive, medical, financial and web marketing sectors. I always write great software as a product of pragmatic judgement calls mixed with creative design decisions. My analytical and direct style focuses on tasks and outcomes using strong problem solving and fast prototyping skills. In addition, I am a team player with people management skills, a proven track record for managing deliverables and stakeholders on multiple projects with demanding deadlines.


I am always open to new opportunities as team lead, architect or development manager especially when machine learning and big data are involved.  I am looking for an enjoyable environment where I can share my know-how with other people and I can use my creativity to build cutting-edge applications. I would also like to find intellectual stimulation to grow and learn new technologies.


People management

Inclusive approach for coaching, mentoring and motivating team members

SDLC process

Agile (Scrum and eXtreme Programming) in TDD and BDD environments

Distributed applications 

RabbitMq, NServiceBus, Microsoft Windows Azure, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web services and basic client/server communication

Automated Testing

Selenium Webdriver and NUNIT for acceptance tests and unit tests

Data stores

Microsoft SQL Server for traditional storage. Redis and MongDB for NoSql storage

Software development

Application of SOLID and clean code principles. In-depth knowledge of Microsoft .Net framework components including latest added features. C++, Python, R, Octave



BSc, Engineering degree in computer science

University of Trento

Graduated with 100/110 (2:1 equivalent degree). Main subjects: computer programming (c++, java, basic and advanced, algorithms, database), project management, mathematics, physics


Jun 2015Present

software engineer


Building a cutting edge VR application for virtual tour in 3D houses for Oculus, HTC Vive and web using WebVR, TensorFlow, opengl, opencv, embree, .Net core, C++14, python, Docker

May 2011May 2015

development team lead

  • As a team lead, I led a team of up to 6 developers setting and managing their work objectives through a large scale integration project involving multiple enterprise clients and 3rd party service providers.
  • As a technical lead, I engaged with clients, users and internal/external stakeholders continuously throughout the software development and delivery process. I designed and developed core application modules which deliver high volume and high throughput services using asynchronous design patterns. In particular, I worked on the company main product "Intelligent Office" to integrate the current system with another important company in the financial sector. It involved both building the web user interface (ASP.NET MVC) and the backend using NServiceBus and WCF services. I used NHibernate for the data access, Autofac as IoC container to manage dependencies and Moq as mocking library.
  • As a scrum master, I facilitated sprints and ensured cross-team coordination in a SCRUM environment. I promoted best practices within the Test Driven Development (TDD) software development life cycle.
Jun 2009Apr 2011

senior developer

Greenlight search
  • Working in the R&D department using Agile methodology (Scrum managed using Microsoft VS Team System), I developed a backend service which analyse a web site in relation with its competitors and produce some important metrics. The service implements different mathematical algorithms such as Latent semantic analysis, Tf-Idf, Smith Waterman and Self-organising maps. The project uses many application blocks of Microsoft Entrerprise Library 5.0 and Unity for dependency injection.  It is hosted in Microsoft Azure worker roles to distribute the load and increase the performances. The data is persisted mainly in Sql Azure databases and in the Azure queues, blobs and tables; the communication with the frontend is with WCF (Azure web roles). The test-drive development cycle (TDD) is applied by using Microsoft MSUnit and Moq for mocking.
Aug 2007Jun 2009

senior developer

Only Group

I worked in team and using an Agile methodology (scrum) I designed and developed the following systems:

  • I developed an internal web application to process personal injury claims using the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008), C#, AJAX and Microsoft Sql Server 2005.
  • I designed and developed an internal web application to manage life insurance sales process using the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008), C#, AJAX and Microsoft Sql Server 2005.
  • I maintained and improved an internal web application to manage secured loan sales process using the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, C#, AJAX and Microsoft Sql Server 2005.
  • I developed the online credit card comparison system for the main company web site using the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, C#, AJAX and Microsoft Sql Server 2005.

Jun 2006Jun 2007


Gruppo Soluzioni Tecnologiche

I worked mainly alone and sometime in a small team, using the traditional waterfall model, I developed the following applications:

  • I developed a mobile application to prescribe and administer medicines in a hospital using a PDA. I used the Microsoft .Net 2.0 and C#; the application interacts with a database through web services and it is speech-recognition-enabled (Nuance Mobile SR system).
  • I developed a web application to monitor and support customer installations of other company products. The application is also used by public companies with more hospitals to monitor their own installations. I used the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, ASP.Net, C# and AJAX. As DBMS I used Microsoft Sql Server 2005.
Sep 2003Jun 2006

lead developer

Project technology

I worked in a small team (4-5 people) where I was also the lead developer and I implemented an Agile methodology (eXtreme Programming). I designed and developed the following systems:

  • I architected and developed some parts of a web application for managing business processes, quality, job safety and environment protection using .Net framework 2.0 and C#. I used the Microsoft Reporting Services System to create all PDF reports.
  • I designed and developed the database for the system using Microsoft Sql Server 2000, creating tables, views, store procedures and functions.
Apr 2000Jul 2003

developer / IT manager

Italian Leisure Group

I architected and developed a system for simplifying the booking process, integrating As/400 management information system, e-mail and fax system and Microsoft Office applications. The system was composed of Windows services and Windows applications. I used .Net framework 1.0, Microsoft Sql Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000.


Massive Open Online Courses MOOC and

Leadership & Management Programme

Chartered Management Institute

Advanced NHibernate Course

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD.NET)



I am passionate about studying big data and social network with machine learning techniques. I am participating in online competitions to solve complex data science problems (my profile at Kaggle).

I love reading books, in particular about new technologies, algorithm implementation, mathematics and physics.

I am following blogs, social media groups and influencers about anything related to technological innovation like machine learning, big data and IoE/IoT.