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  • I have trained for over 10 years in 'Bharatnatyam', a form of Indian classical dance.
  • I take keen interest in various forms of music and enjoy other forms of art like painting, etc.
  • I also enjoy travelling to different destinations.


Detail oriented, focused and highly motivated Scientist with strong expertise in 'Cellular and Molecular Biology' seeks position in an innovative organization to apply and advance my knowledge and experience as a research professional.



  • 4 years of hands on laboratory experience in cell culture and molecular biology.
  • Detail oriented and highly organized professional, with ability to prioritize amongst a range of responsibilities and perform in-depth planning for effective execution and completion of assigned projects.
  • Experience in field research through customer visits, data collection/analysis, establishing customer and product requirements and project management.
  • Experience in working with cross-functional teams.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills including technical writing as well as excellent presentation skills to all types of audiences.
  • Recognized and rewarded by senior management at Life Technologies for excellent performance in 2010, for stepping up and helping in successfully passing a crucial milestone in current project along with R&D colleague.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Scientist II

Life Technologies, Inc.
  • I am currently working with the Primary and Stem cells group within the company, and have gained extensive experience in mammalian cell culture of primary and stem cells. My research focus is with Primary Cells from the Skin and Vascular tissues. I also have experience in culture of Embryonic Stem cells as well as platform technologies such as BacMam, Gateway cloning, etc. I have also been expanding my skill set in a variety of molecular biology as well as cellular imaging techniques.
  • At Life Technologies, apart from my responsibilities in the lab, I have been intricately involved in the various aspects of product development for the project that I currently serve as the R&D lead. This involvement is right from in-depth project planning, presenting progress reports to other team members and senior management, to customer site visits and attending scientific meetings. 
  • Highly efficient in project management as well as effectively working with cross-functional teams to launch quality products in the market within the team deadlines. Working in a cross-functional team has also helped me gain greater understanding of the roles of team functions outside of R&D such as operations, QC, and management.
  • Previously, I have worked extensively on development and characterization of multiple BacMam virus particles, as well as qPCR characterization of a number of primary cells.
  • I have demonstrated the ability to effectively plan and execute, and deliver on tight timelines on all projects that I have undertaken at Life Technologies.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Gave oral and poster presentation on ‘High efficiency exogenous gene expression in primary human skin cells using Bacmam technology.' at the Society of Investigative Dermatology meeting in Atlanta, May 2010.


Aug 2006Dec 2008

Master of Science

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

  • I have an MS in Chemical and Biological engineering with a GPA of 3.701. I have taken several courses in the allied fields like Tissue Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Metabolic Engineering, Cell Biology, etc.
  • Working as a Graduate Researcher through my Master's program towards my thesis project, I have gained immense experience in mammalian cell culture of primary and stem cells as well as a whole range of assays as outlined in my skill set.
  • For my thesis project, I characterized the human Hair follicle stem cells (hHF-SC) as being similar to Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). In this regard, I compared expression of characteristic Mesenchymal stem cell CD markers such as CD44, CD73, CD105, etc using the tools of Flow Cytometry and Immunocytochemistry. The data showed the hHF-SCs have similar characteristics to the MSCs. As our group was interested in cardiovascular tissue engineering, we isolated Hair follicle smooth muscle progenitor cells (hHF-SMPC) using an alpha actin and MHC driven promoter. I compared the contractile ability of hHF-SMPC to the hHF-SC using the fibrin gel compaction assay. Along with this, I also studied the effects of the growth factors bFGF, TGF-beta1 and the vasoagonist U46619 on each of these cells. My results showed that the hHF-SMPCs were able to contract the gels faster than the hHF-SCs. Notably, the data showed that bFGF completely blocks compaction in hHF-SCs, but is unable to do so in hHF-SMPCs. This was be followed by RT-PCR analysis for stem cell markers on the Hair follicle stem cells. 

Key Accomplishments (Publications):  

  • Liu JY, Peng HF, Gopinath S, Tian J, Andreadis ST. ‘Derivation of Functional Smooth Muscle Cells from Multipotent Human Hair Follicle Mesenchymal Stem Cells.' Tissue Eng Part A. 2010 Apr 20.
Aug 2002Jun 2006

Bachelor of Engineering

University of Mumbai


Computer Skills
Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Ziess AxioVision as well as other imaging software, Image J, Cell Quest, Vector NTI, Clone Manager, C and C++, Microsoft Visio, CHEMCAD, MAPLE.
Imaging and Microscopy
Proficient in imaging techniques using Light and Fluorescence Microscopes, Confocal Microscopes, HTS imaging platforms like Cellomics Array Scan, Incucyte.
Western Blot, ELISA, Flow Cytometry, Transductions of primary cells and cell lines, Immunocytochemistry, Immunohistochemistry.
Molecular Biology
RNA and DNA Isolation, RT-PCR and real time PCR, Plasmid construction, Cloning including Gateway cloning, Lentivirus and BacMam virus preparation, Transfection using Lipofectamine/ Cellfectin.
Cell Biology
Proficiency in cell culture of mammalian primary cells, stem cells, embryonic stem cells, cell lines as well as insect cell culture. Experience in working with 3D Organotypic tissue models, and isolating cells from tissues. Live and fixed cell staining, Proliferation and Clonogenic assays, Live/Dead viability assays, angiogenesis endothelial tube formation assays, differentiation assays, fibrin compaction assays, histology. Experience in working with a variety of matrices, including matrigel, geltrex, fibrin, etc.