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My name is Ryan Ferraro. I am a hard dilligent worker with high moral values and a very strong work ethic. I am a united states marine corps reservist. I have completed all of my training and attend Drill one weekend a month at Luke Air Force base. My personality consists of traits such as : Loyalty, Integrity, Commitment, Trustworthyness, Honesty, and Intelligence. I am a fast learner. The military has instilled great values in me. I have become very porficient in everything I do. Should a challenge arise it is second nature for me to adapt to each challenge and overcome whatever obstacle lies in the way. I never quit and I always give 100 percent at everything I do. I take great pride in my work and what I accomplish. I am a great team player and do well in leadership roles. Even when I am not in a leadership position I take it upon myself to make sure the task or job being worked on is always done right allowing no excuses for reproach upon myself or coworkers. I have worked at starbucks for 3 years and as a result am a great multi tasker and have mastered customer service skills. I currently work as a security guard at a mall. I would be an asset to any company as I strive to improve myself every single day. I leave all personal problems outside of the work place. I do not smoke or drink. I am mature, responsible, and look for ways to better myself every chance I get.

Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Barista,learning Coach



Marine Combat training

School of Infantry

One month of infantry school, contiuation after three months of boot camp. Learned weapons systems, infantry tactics, urban warfare tactics and a variety of marine corps martial arts. During the 4 total months of training I did not olnly gain knowledge and proficiency in fighting and combat techniques but also important leadership skills and traits. The marine corps has instilled great work ethic and values such as honor, courage, and commitment, which i apply in my every day life.

Paradise valley community college

I completed First Aid, CPR, and First responder certification courses as well as EMergency medical technician courses. During my time at college I have also taken Sociology, International business, and a variety of agriculture classes.