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Customer focused

Organization and time management

Analytical and problem solving skills

Oral and written communication

Hardworking team player




Resolved key customer concern on >$200M program risk

Identified the root cause of 16 year material processing issue within 6 months

Improved processing capabilities by 40%




Statistical software

MS Office applications

Statistical process control

Technical customer liaison


Metal powder



"I hired Kelly when I was supervisor of Propellant Design Engineering at ATK. She came to us after working a NASA internship and wanted to get started with a career in Aerospace. Kelly got off to a great start, making friends, working well with others, and taking ownership of some difficult projects. I was pleased that she could dig into the technical details of problems involving chemistry. She would do the research, and bring new information that was applied to solve our problems. One problem involving aluminum processing had gone unsolved for years. With Kelly's contributions, we were able to identify the cause. But all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. Due to changes in NASA funding, we're not going to the moon, or Mars anytime soon. Too bad for Kelly and a lot of bright young engineers like her. If you are looking for someone who can handle big, complex projects, I'd recommend you consider Ms. Perry." - Ingvar Wallace, PhD

"Kelly Perry is a hardworking and motivated professional. As the leader of an integrated project team of which she was a member, her intelligence, attentiveness and approachability made her a valuable colleague and a crucial member of our group." - Nicole Ortmann 

Work experience

May 2008Feb 2010

Design Engineer (Materials and Processing)

ATK Launch Systems

Customer technical liaison/interface for management reporting. Materials specialist; specification management and material discrepancy resolution on $400 million solid rocket product. Test plan creation and supervision. End-item property tracking using statistical processing control methodologies and related software. Familiarity with safety and documentation processes of man-rated products.

Dec 2006Jun 2007

Research Assistant [Senior Project]

Oregon State University

Identified solvent varieties for the gel patch repair method by creating and testing shear specimens, aiding in an $800,000 research effort funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a cost effective solution for repairing polyethylene pipes in natural gas distribution lines.

May 2006Aug 2006

NASA Academy Intern

NASA Glenn Research Center

Worked effectively in a multi-disciplinary team in the development of a single stage to orbit conceptual design vehicle. Aided in the development of a low gravity optical mass gauging system. Managed data collection and analysis from bench scale and MATLAB numerical simulations. 

Jun 2005Sep 2005

Assistant Chemist Intern

Synthetech, Inc

Improved safety and product yield by scaling up organic chemical processes in the peptide production industry. Gained hands-on laboratory experience with dryers, spectrophotometry, liquid chromatography and calorimetry. 

Jun 2004Sep 2004

Research Associate Intern

Oregon Medical Laser Center

Optimized purification of tropoelastin to aid in an $8.7 million research effort expanding production of the HemCon chitosan bandage. 


Jan 2009Jun 2009

Utah State University

Graduate level courses: Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiment

Sep 2003Jun 2007


Oregon State University


Design of Experiments
Test plans at ATK. Academia.
Team work and leadership.
Working as a member of interdisciplinary teams at NASA Academy internship and ATK Launch Systems. Creating and leading an interdisciplinary team to monitor process control outliers. 
Powder processing
Metal powder atomization and pneumatic convey.
Professional communication
Presenting to upper management, peers, customers, professors, mentors. Composing and managing non-conformance reports, technical reports, memos, test plans, planning, and white papers. 
Statistical analysis methodologies
SPC, Cumulative Sum
Experience as technical liaison
Presenting to upper management and customers.


Casenya Groner

Chemical Engineering Colleague at Oregon State University.

Ingvar Wallace, PhD

Supervisor at ATK Launch Systems, Inc.

Marcus Nelson

Design Engineer Mentor at ATK Launch Systems, Inc.

Willie E. "Skip" Rochefort, PhD

Oregon State University Chemical Engineering Professor

Nicole Ortmann

Integrated Process Team Lead at ATK Launch Systems, Inc.

Neil Van Dresar, PhD

NASA Academy Mentor