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I am a driver with a great deal of experience who wishes to meet and exceed even the most demanding of requirements. I am familiar all areas of the United Arab Emirates and am happy to take on more responsibilities as the company may see fit. I boast the ability to drive both standard and automatic vehicles. I also bring personality to the position; ideal for establishing a rapport with all passengers. I hope to work with a company that is able to provide me with room for upward mobility. I enjoy working as part of a team and yet am fully motivated to approach tasks alone. Through this sense of mutual respect, I will provide the necessary skills to keep customers loyal over time.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Light Vehicle Driver

Emirates Office System & Supplies, Abu Dhabi


May 1993

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Rajas Higher Secondary School, Nileshwer

General Education

Language Skills

Languages  Malayalam English Arabic Hindi
Read Native Beginner Fluent Fluent
Write  Native Beginner Fluent Fluent
Speak Native Beginner Fluent


Personal Details

Name : Shameer PS
Father's Name : Shahul Hameed
Date of Birth : 06/12/1975
Nationality : Indian
Permanent Address : Shah Manzil, Padanekad PO, Nileshwer Via, Kasargod, Kerala
Mobile/Telephone : +971 503038186
Passport No. & Expiry : L6622193 & 24/03/2024


I hereby declare that all the aboveinformation furnished is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. And i bear the whole responsibility if it is found otherwise.

Place : Abu Dhabi

Date  : 20/06/2019                                                                                                                                 Shameer PS